Flesh: Part Seven (The Flesh Series Book 7)

Flesh: Part Seven (The Flesh Series Book 7) by Sky Corgan Read Free Book Online

Book: Flesh: Part Seven (The Flesh Series Book 7) by Sky Corgan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sky Corgan

sunshine." I stare at Janice as she emerges from the hallway. My
night was sleepless, and a good portion of my morning has been spent
waiting on the sofa for her to wake up. I haven't even been able to
concentrate on the television. My mind has been too focused on what
she said last night about Lucian's troubled past, wondering what she
    She holds the sides
of her head, her hair a bushy mess. "Make the room stop
    "That's what
you get for drinking a rainbow." I have no sympathy for her.
She's old enough to know better than to drink that much when she has
to work the next day.
    "I was having
fun," she huffs before throwing herself down on the sofa beside
me. "Now go get me some water."
    "Yes, your
majesty." I stand and take an exaggerated bow before heading to
the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water. When I return and hand it
to her, she continues holding her head with one hand as she grabs the
glass and chugs it down.
probably going to come back up," she warns.
    I pull the hair tie
out of my hair and hand it to her. I'm not interested in watching her
puke some more.
    She scowls but takes
the hair tie from me, quickly pulling her hair up into a bun and
wincing every few seconds as she does. I can only imagine how her
head is pounding.
    "This is
probably only going to make the headache worse," she whines.
    "Well, I hope
it was worth it."
    "It was."
A big grin curls her lips though it swiftly transforms into a grimace
when the pain hits her again.
    "So, about last
night." I sit down and pull my knees up to my chest, wrapping my
arms around them. "You said that your Sir had some information
on Lucian."
    "I did?"
She arches an eyebrow at me.
    “ You
    Don't tell me she
doesn't remember. Maybe I should have shaken her harder last night.
Even if she would have slurred the information to me, at least I
would have had it.
    Janice presses her
hand to her temple, closing her eyes. "To be honest, I don't
remember much from last night after my scene with Sir. We finished
things up in the dungeon, and then he took me upstairs to hang out
with his friends. People were buying me drinks left and right. I
haven't had access to that much free alcohol in a long time, so I
took advantage of it."
    I sigh, "I
suppose I can't blame you. I probably wouldn't have been able to
control myself either." My mind goes back to being in Lucian's
limo and wishing he would have offered me a drink. I'm amazed that
the only thing I had to drink all night was the wine that Janice and
I shared before we went to Fleshfest.
    "My memory
after that is a blur." Janice turns to me and pouts. "I'm
sorry I don't remember what Sir said about Blue Eyes."
    My shoulders slump
in defeat. "It's alright. Maybe I'll just ask him about it
    "So, you're
going to see him again?"
    I can't help but
smirk at how little she remembers. We discussed this last night.
    "Yes, I'm going
to see him again. He's still my client, remember?"
    "Oh, yeah."
She turns back around to face the television. "Did you guys have
fun after you left?"
    "Sort of. Not
really." Unpleasant emotions flood me as I think of the amazing
time I had with Lucian and how he ruined it with his cruel words. "He
seduced me again, and then he basically just told me that his only
interest in me is sexual. Same shit, different setting."
    "To be honest,
Amy, he looks like bad news," her voice is all seriousness. "I
mean, yeah, he's hot, but that's part of the problem. I remember that
girl being on his lap. It turns out that she was his teacher in the
lifestyle." She screws her face as if she's confused. "I'm
not sure if she was his Domme at one point, but they did have a very
close relationship. I got the impression that they still do. Anyway,
what I'm trying to say is that, judging from the way that he's
treated you, and seeing him at Flesh, I just don't think he's the
right guy for you."
    "I don't
either." I shake my head, feeling my heart grow heavy.
    It wasn't

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