Flight by Siena Colmer Read Free Book Online

Book: Flight by Siena Colmer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Siena Colmer
to sleep. She needed release. Slipping her hand inside her PJ pants, she rubbed herself slowly, closing her eyes, she sighed softly as her fingers brought herself to orgasm. As she was coming, an image popped inadvertently into her mind. But instead of seeing Jeff’s face, she saw his face with those brilliant azure blue eyes.
    She was confused, but she was also too tired to wonder about it.

    Weekend mornings were the only time when Charlie could sleep in. Most weekends, she goes to work a few hours and spent the rest of the time with her family or friends. This morning she decided to go visit Mandy’s floral shop. It’s in downtown Linwood. She parked her motorcycle in front of Joe’s Café and went inside to pick up some coffee and muffins.
    There were a dozen or so tables inside the café, and it was most filled with elder people having breakfast.
    “Hey Joe,” Charlie walked up to the counter where Joe was making coffee.
    Joe was a good looking man in his mid-thirties. Although he was always in worn T-shirts and jeans, his demeanor seemed more like a professional businessman. He had moved into town two years ago to open his café, no one knew much about him except that he had an aunt who lived in Linwood. He seemed friendly enough to his customers, but he usually kept to himself and was sometimes gruff and remote. Nevertheless, despite the gruffness, his café was becoming a local favorite for coffee and breakfast. Charlie preferred the simple gourmet coffee to those of the trendier big name coffee shops that was trying to take over the town.
    “ Hey Charlie,” Joe greeted her with an easy smile. He seemed to be in a good mood today. “What can I get you today?”
    “ I’ll have a large French roast and a Butter Toffee.” She said. She selected some muffins from the trays of fresh baskets behind the counter. One of Joe’s part time girls, a pretty redhead, was already putting the order together as Charlie made her selection. “Oh and a cup of warm milk. Not steamed, just warm please.”
    “ Warm milk?” Joe asked rather dubiously, but shrugged. “Warm milk coming up.” He said, taking a container of milk from the fridge and pouring it into a little pot to heat it up.
    “ Thanks Joe.” Charlie said, balancing the paper tray and the bag of muffins as she walked out the door.
    The door opened as she approached it, the man stepped back and held it for her to pass first.
    “Thank you…” Charlie stopped abruptly as she realized it was Ryle.
    “ Someone is hungry this morning.” He commented, his eyes twinkling.
    She gave him a mocking little smile. “Yes.”
    “ Need any help with that?” He asked, watching as she shifted and the paper bag slid precariously on the tray.
    “ No, thanks. I got it.” She said firmly.
    Charlie walked by. She was conscious of his eyes on her back as she crossed the street. The floral shop was just a few doors away, and she used her shoulder to push the door open to go inside. She was tempted to look back at the café to see if he was still watching her, but she managed to resist it.
    “ Hey,” Mandy was sitting behind the counter playing with her daughter.
    “ Hey,” Charlie put down the tray on the counter.
    “ Charlie, you’re a darling. I was just thinking about getting a mid-morning snack.” Mandy said.
    “ I got your favorite Butter Toffee coffee and Joe’s famous zucchini muffin for my favorite little girl.” Charlie said, walking around the counter. “Hello sweetheart,” 
    Little Megan seemed to remember her, holding her chubby arms out to be picked up by Charlie.
    “ Well, at least she hasn’t forgotten you.” Mandy grinned, watching as her friend cooed over the adorable toddler.
    Mandy took out a muffin, breaking it off a small piece and handing it to Megan as Charlie held her.
    “ Mmm…this is just what I needed, thanks.” Mandy sighed happily, taking a deep drink of her coffee.
    “ The small one is warm milk for Megan.” Charlie

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