Flirting with Ruin

Flirting with Ruin by Marguerite Kaye Read Free Book Online

Book: Flirting with Ruin by Marguerite Kaye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marguerite Kaye
making that centre swell, take over her world, until she had no option but to surrender to it, to let it drag her up, over, and then explode, splinter and shatter.
    But even as she did, she was crying out for him, for more of him, clutching frantically at his shoulders, her mouth seeking his, her hands feverish on his skin, tugging and clutching and stroking, her nails digging into him, tearing at him, in her desperate need for them to meld, join. In the unstoppable, driving urge to have him inside her.
    He rolled onto his back and once again she was straddling him, but this time there were no layers of clothes to impede their joining. The tip of his shaft, then the length of him, slid into her as he supported her. She leaned forward to kiss him, and felt the frisson of friction as her movements made him move inside her. She needed no encouragement then to ride him, and he let her set the pace. Slipping and sliding, then pounding and pulsing. Holding him tight inside her, then letting him go. His thrusts, the slick, thick feel of his length picked up the echoes of her climax and sent her over the edge once more. She cried out wildly, leaning back, grinding down on him, then thrust hard, several more times, deliberately slow and hard, watching his face all the time, watching him unravelling, losing control underneath her, feeling him thicken inside her, feeling the first ripple of his own climax, just in time to roll from him as he came, his cries muffled by her mouth, her lips, kissing him hard, drinking in his pleasure, pouring forth her own.
    * * *
    They lay panting, damp, hot, on the musty blanket on the wooden floor of the hut, spent and sated. Rosalind gazed in wonder at Fraser, at the marks she had added to his body, at the slick of sweat, at his heaving chest, his still-tumescent manhood. She felt glorious. Full of life. Inflamed with life. She felt utterly and completely satisfied, though pretty certain that within a very short time she would be ready for more. She couldn’t help smiling. Catching Fraser’s gaze, she saw her joy and pleasure reflected on his face. He laughed, a deep, skin-bumping laugh, and pulled her to him. Her hair was a curtain over them. There was no need for her to ask if she had pleased him, any more than he needed to ask the same of her. Something wonderful had happened. They just knew.
    But later they did talk, and she finally answered the questions he had asked what seemed like a lifetime ago when they had set out in the gig. She told him it all, right up to the frustration she felt with her life, the need for change, the desire to have a life, though she had no idea what she meant.
    ‘Any more than I do,’ Fraser said. He had pulled his coat over her back, but his hands were stroking her rhythmically beneath it, up from the swell of her derriere along the line of her spine and back down. The tails of his coat were tickling the backs of her knees. Her breasts were crushed against his chest. Their legs were entangled. She couldn’t tell, lying here, which parts were his and which hers. No, that was not wholly true. There were some parts that were unequivocally his. They were skin and flesh and blood and sweat mingled. Even the scent of them was different. A new scent, salty and musky. Sex.
    ‘What will you do, now that you have left the army?’ she asked.
    ‘I have no idea.’
    ‘Do you wish to settle down?’
    ‘That’s one of the things I’m certain I don’t want to do. It’s not for lack of funds, mind. I’ve not enough to buy an estate like Castonbury, but I dare say I could afford something along the lines of that Dower House of theirs if I wanted to. I don’t though. I’ve seen a fair bit more of the world than most, but it’s a big world, and life is short.’
    Rosalind sighed enviously. ‘I would love to travel.’
    ‘Why don’t you? You’ve the money, you said.’
    ‘It is different for a woman, Fraser, don’t tease me. It would be dangerous, for a start. And

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