Flirting with Ruin

Flirting with Ruin by Marguerite Kaye Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Flirting with Ruin by Marguerite Kaye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marguerite Kaye
yes, before you ask, I do like the idea of danger, but not the sort that would actually cause me physical harm.’
    ‘What sort do you mean?’
    Rosalind chewed on her lip, a frown drawing her brows together. ‘I suppose I mean the thrill of the unknown. I want to wake up each day and wonder what it will bring. I want the chance to pit my wits against others. I want — oh, I know it sounds silly, but I want my life to be exciting. Unpredictable. I want to take chances.’
    ‘You took a chance on me today. Do you regret it?’
    She laughed, a full-throated laugh that startled her, for it had a sultry quality about it she hadn’t known she possessed. ‘Not only do I not regret it, Major Lennox, but I am quite willing to take another chance on you, right now.’
    ‘And if, Lady Rosalind, I am not willing?’
    He was looking at her as if he was quite prepared to devour her, and it was really quite a heady experience. ‘I think,’ Rosalind said, throwing off his coat and pushing herself upright, stretching her arms above her head, arching her back and enjoying the effect of all this on Fraser, ‘that I can persuade you.’
    ‘You are very confident of your abilities, my lady.’ He held the weight of her breasts in his hands, running his thumbs over her nipples in the most tantalising of caresses.
    She shifted down his body, pushing his legs apart so that she could kneel between them just as he had done to her. Her vicariously debauched life was proving useful after all, for she knew exactly what she was going to do. ‘Major Lennox,’ she said, wrapping her hand around his thickening shaft, ‘I have cause to be.’
    She flicked her thumb over the sensitive tip of him. He bucked under her. She bent over him, her hair trailing over his thighs.
    ‘Rosalind.’ His voice was quite hoarse. She looked up, still holding him, and raised an enquiring eyebrow.
    ‘You have every cause to be,’ Fraser said hoarsely.
    She laughed, her newly discovered throaty laugh. And then she set about proving, with mouth and lips and tongue, that he was quite right.

Chapter Five
    At Rosalind’s insistence, Fraser dropped her at the gates to Castonbury Park before returning himself to the Rothermere Arms in the village. They did not discuss what happened next, but nor did Fraser make any plans to leave.
    Walking slowly up the sweep of the drive to the big house, Rosalind’s mind was curiously blank, floating like her body in the aftermath of her first truly satisfying experience of lovemaking. She did not want to think, nor to analyse nor to discuss what had happened. Kate was too distracted to notice that she was being palmed off with a half truth when Rosalind said that she had spent the afternoon outdoors enjoying the countryside, but by the next morning over breakfast, when the two friends were again alone, it was a different matter.
    ‘What are you smiling at?’ Kate asked.
    ‘Was I?’
    ‘You were.’ Kate’s shrewd gaze met Rosalind’s across the breakfast table. ‘You look as if something particularly pleasant has happened to you. What were you up to yesterday?’
    ‘I told you, I was enjoying the fresh air.’
    Rosalind wished her friend were not so sharp. She tried not to blush, but she could feel the telltale heat spreading across her cheeks.
    ‘You were with him, weren’t you?’ Kate said.
    ‘You knew I was, for you saw us leaving,’ Rosalind replied. She was flustered and realised too late that Kate had not actually made the connection between Major Lennox and her harvest moon mystery man. But Kate had certainly made the link now, for she dropped her coffee cup with a clatter into the delicate china saucer.
    ‘It was Major Lennox? Rosalind! My God.’ Kate burst into a peel of laughter. ‘Did you know? Before he walked into the drawing room yesterday, I mean?’
    ‘No. It was a—a shock.’
    ‘I’ll wager it was. I can’t believe I didn’t notice.’
    ‘You naturally had other things on

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