Forbidden Affair: The Bold and the Beautiful

Forbidden Affair: The Bold and the Beautiful by Amy Andrews Read Free Book Online

Book: Forbidden Affair: The Bold and the Beautiful by Amy Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amy Andrews
through keeping their relationship strictly business.
    But he hadn’t counted on her stopping in front of his desk, putting a hand on her hip and saying, “Where do you want me?” That conjured up a whole host of images he’d been trying to suppress since their clinch in the limo.
    Where did he want her?
    He doubted there was a horizontal surface in his office where he didn’t want her right now. Maybe some vertical ones as well.
    She was clearly nervous, her fingers tapping at her waist. Bill didn’t think she realized just what she’d said, he doubted she’d meant it to be provocative. She just wanted to get down to business and, as soon as all the blood returned to his brain, he would too.
    “Have a seat,” he said, gesturing to the chair opposite as he half rose, pleased to have the desk between them—even if he could see himself swiping everything off it and laying her down on it.
    As he sat again his gaze was drawn to her bottom lip and he remembered how it had tasted. He dragged his eyes upward. “Nervous?” he asked.
    Steffy nodded. “Petrified.”
    Bill chuckled. “Don’t be. You’re going to do fine.”
    She nodded again but looked dubious. “I feel like I’m skydiving without a parachute.”
    Bill sobered as he said, “I’m not going let you fall, Steffy.”
    Steffy sucked in a little breath at the sincerity in his eyes and the rich solid timbre of his voice. She needed his assurance today—she needed it desperately. “Thank you. I appreciate that.”
    Bill nodded then lounged back in his chair, swinging it slightly from side to side as he regarded her. He’d felt sure she was going to turn him down and yet here she was—sexy and gorgeous and ready to start work.
    For him.
    A Forrester working for a Spencer.
    “What changed your mind?” he asked after a few moments.
    Steffy wasn’t fond of the way Bill was looking at her like he was sizing her up, although it was preferable to the way he’d looked at her as she’d entered the room—as though he was ready to eat her up.
    Bill stopped his idle swinging, sat up in his chair and placed his elbows on his desk. “Really?”
    Steffy nodded. “She thought it was absurdly funny that you’d even asked.”
    “Really,” he said again. It was no secret that Bill was not on Team Hope. He’d believed that Steffy was the person for Liam and, like Taylor, had done everything to champion her cause. It was irritating to see Hope and Liam so in love.
    “You’ve been speaking to her?”
    “Yes,” Steffy said. “She … dropped by on Saturday afternoon.”
    “That was nice of her,” he said as he tried to figure out what Hope was up to. “Checking you’d settled back in okay?”
    “No,” Steffy chuckled. “Checking on my intentions.”
    Bill frowned. “Your intentions?”
    Steffy nodded. “Toward Liam.”
    “Ah.” Bill rubbed at his beard. “And you told her?”
    “The same thing I’m going to tell you,” Steffy said. “Liam and I are over. We’re done. Done , Bill,” she warned. “No more. She’s welcome to him. I wished them both a long and happy life together.”
    Bill regarded her steadily for a moment or two. “Okay,” he said, sitting back in his chair again. “So you’re here to prove to Hope you can do it?”
    “No.” Steffy shook her head. “I’m here to prove to myself I can do it.”
    Bill chuckled. “It’ll amount to the same thing.”
    Steffy arched an eyebrow. “Lucky me.”
    “Right,” Bill stood. “Let’s get you started.”
    Steffy stood too, straightening her skirt and pulling her jacket down. “Bring it on.”
    Steffy accompanied Bill on an extensive tour of the Eye on Fashion offices. From editorial to production to advertising, he introduced her to everyone who worked on the magazine. To her relief, Liam was out for the day and she was able to put that awkward moment off a little longer. By the time she was done, her head was spinning and she was even less sure of herself.

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