Forever Bonded (BWWM Pregnancy Romance)

Forever Bonded (BWWM Pregnancy Romance) by Cleo Jones Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever Bonded (BWWM Pregnancy Romance) by Cleo Jones Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cleo Jones
too hungry to deal with your denial
right now.”

    “I’mnot in denial,” Zoë shot back. “I
really don’t understand why he acted like that.”

Aniyah replied, rolling her eyes. “In that case, you’re naïve, and that’s
really just as bad. Look…there’s nothing complicated about this. Of course Nate
was going to react like a wounded puppy after finding out that you’re
considering marrying someone who isn’t him. Honestly, I’d expect nothing less.”

flinched as though she’d been slapped. Aniyah’s words reiterated everything she
already knew to be true, but she was far too stubborn to admit it.

    “I know
you two,” Aniyah continued. “I’ve watched you tiptoe around your feelings for
each other my entire life. Y’all have broken up and gotten back together more
times than I can count. It's a never-ending cycle with you two. All I know
is…this is the kind of dress you wear for a man who really loves you.” She
paused to give Zoë a chance to consider her words, meeting her gaze in the
mirror. “Not the one you settle for.”

    Chapter twelve

sat at his desk and drummed his fingertips against the towering stack paperwork
in front of him. He'd been staring at the same document for almost 20 minutes
now, not actually reading it so much as using it as an excuse to seem busy
should anyone walk by his office.

was in a funk. Ever since he'd heard the news about Zoë and Evan, he felt as
though he’d been operating on autopilot. No matter what he did, he just
couldn’t shake the feeling of resentment that had taken up residency inside of
him. It brought attention to the very thing he’d been trying to avoid the most:
that he still had feelings for Zoë. Strong feelings. Feelings he wasn’t ready
to have snuffed out for good.

clenched his jaw in a weak attempt at blocking out the thought, but his efforts
proved futile. His agitation weighed him down like a ton of bricks, and no
amount of self-rationalization would make it lift.

Nate could think about was the fact that he’d never be able to find his way
back to Zoë now. When they dated other people in the past, it was always
abundantly clear that they’d fall back into their usual routine eventually.
Maybe not right away, but eventually. Significant others came and went with the
seasons, but they remained each other’s constant.

    The fact
of the matter was, Nate didn’t want to be just friends with Zoë. Those were
nothing more than hollow words they’d used in the past to avoid acknowledging
their true feelings for each other.

was just about to head into the break room to refill his coffee mug when his
phone rang, offering him a distraction from his thoughts.

Audrey questioned as soon as he picked up. “I’m not interrupting you at work am
I? I figured you’d be on break by now, but I called your cell and you didn’t

it’s all good,” Nate clarified. “I’ve just been having a bit of an off morning
and I’m a little backed up on things. I’ve got a deadline coming up and I’m
nowhere close to meeting it.”

    “Well I
just wanted to hear your voice,” Audrey said. “I already can’t wait to get back
home. I miss you so much. I swear…this long distance thing is getting harder
and harder.”

me about it,” Nate replied, although he didn’t sound all that convincing.

thought back to Audrey’s visit. While he’d spent the week with her, he’d have
been lying if he said he wasn’t consumed by thoughts of Zoë the entire time.
Not that it mattered. There was no one-day for them. Zoë had Evan now, and
while he definitely wasn’t Nate’s favorite person in the world, it wasn’t like
he was the worst possible guy she could end up with. It was obvious that he
made her happy, and Nate wasn’t about to be the one to ruin that for her.


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