Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever in Blue Jeans by Lissa Matthews Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever in Blue Jeans by Lissa Matthews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lissa Matthews
Tags: General Fiction
or stopping.
    "Fine," came his clipped answer.
    The small lit path leading into the woods only went so far and once they were beyond it a little ways, their only light was from the fading twilight sky. Blue seemed to know her way around, though. For that, he was grateful. She stopped a few inches in front of him and turned.
    "You wanted to talk?"
    No, he didn't want to talk. Not yet. Not now. He wanted to kiss the hell out of her for the next week and then maybe he'd be ready to talk. He curled his fingers at his sides to keep from reaching for her, but then she surprised him. She reached for him, pressed herself against his body, and pulled his mouth down to hers.
    Lips and tongue, the kiss was all-consuming. If her tongue went any deeper down his throat, she'd be at his tonsils. She held on tight, and he could do nothing but wrap his arms around her, pull her up harder, and kiss her just as deeply, just as thoroughly as she kissed him.
    She tasted of vanilla sweetness and rum. She felt right--of all terms to come to him--against him, in his hands. He wanted to stay attached to her mouth for the rest of the night, but he couldn't. He couldn't allow himself to get lost in her.
    He yanked his lips away, pressed them to her temple, breathing deeply of her scents, of the mild, clean evening air. He nudged her back, holding her at arm's length. He'd rather turn her around, bend her over, lift that skirt and... "Why is he here?"
    It took a few seconds before she answered. "Neil? He always comes for Rosie's food when he's in town."
    "Who is he to you? I mean now. Who is he to you now? And why is he in town?"
    "A friend."
    "That's it? A friend?"
    "What more do you want me to say? You asked, I answered. Why do you even care?"
    He went on as though she hadn't even spoken. "Is he still your lover? Is he more than a friend? Do you sleep with him?" He'd decided earlier that it was none of his business, that he really didn't care, but damn if he could convince himself of that when faced with her and another man showing up together.
    She tilted her head and gazed at him with a curious quizzical expression on her face. "Do you really want to know?"
    He wanted to say no. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs that no he really didn't want to know at all. "Yes." The word slipped from his lips without his permission. "Do you sleep with him?" he asked again.
    "Why do you care, Cort? Why does it matter? Do you want to sleep with me?"
    His dick said yes. His head said yes. His gut said yes. He couldn't let his mouth say it too.
    "Too damn much. Now answer the question," he ground out.
    "Wow. I think I'm happy about that."
    "I don't know why you would be. There's nothing to be happy about. It doesn't make you any more special that I want to fuck you than it makes any other woman."
    And she laughed. She laughed at him. "Not special? Really? Because from where I'm standing, I'm the only woman you are wanting to fuck at the moment. What I don't understand is why you're being so mean about it. I know I did you wrong back in Savannah. I know I ran out like a coward, and you do have every right to be pissed about that. I don't know about still being pissed five years later, but I guess seeing me after all that time brought it back. I am sorry, Cort."
    She was sincere, at least she sounded sincere in her apology. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask her why she left him sleeping, but he didn't know for sure that he wanted the answer. And he couldn't think straight, not when she was crowding him. She took one, two, then more steps forward until she was once again plastered against his body.
    He took a deep breath and raked a hand through his hair. He focused on a spot above her head, somewhere in the dark, somewhere that was anywhere but him looking at her. "I don't know, Blue. I don't know why I'm being so mean, not in the house and not out here. I can't seem to stop the words.
    "I wasn't expecting you to be the friend Rosie asked me to see. I was

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