Forever Layla: A Time Travel Romance

Forever Layla: A Time Travel Romance by Melissa Turner Lee Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever Layla: A Time Travel Romance by Melissa Turner Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Turner Lee
Michael gave me a quick glare that the girl totally missed.
    “Do you play guitar?”
    The tone -deaf girl shook her head. “No. But I’d love to learn.”
    “Come have a seat in my lap , and I’ll teach you. I want you to know, I don’t let just anyone handle my instrument.”
    I rolled my eyes as I watched her fall for it. The truth was, he’d let just about any attractive girl handle his instrument. The same shtick with every girl. He convinced each of them that they were special, but to him they were all the same. It was the one thing I didn’t like about my best friend. He had no conscience when it came to girls. He never thought about their feelings in the whole matter. My mom would kill me if I treated girls like that.
    “Scoot a little closer, so I can let you get a feel for it.”
    I coughed and gagged obnoxiously loud. He gave me the look, and I only smirked. I considered it payback for that morning when he was making his insinuations about Layla and me.
    Tone -deaf girl, still oblivious, giggled and strummed the guitar, making a sound no guitar should ever make.
    “That was really good. Let’s try it again. Scoot back just a little more, so I can reach my arms around you better. Perfect.”
    After a few minutes of the worst sounding noises coming from both the guitar and the girl, I had to say something. I noticed Layla was on her way, so I leaned over and tapped Michael.
    “Dude, I think you need to get the girl out of your lap. Your wife is headed this way.”
    The girl in Michael’s lap jumped up. “Wife?”
    Michael was trying to protest when the girl grabbed his Coke and poured it over him and his guitar and stormed off.
    I laughed so hard, I rolled off the lounge chair onto the pavement. Michael jumped up and kicked me in the leg. I had curled in to protect where he was really aiming.
    “What was that all about?” Layla asked as she joined us. I was still laughing so much it was throwing off my balance . I tried to stand but couldn't, so I crawled to the lounger and pulled myself up. I pushed my glasses back on my nose. Layla took the lounger beside me. She had one of my t-shirts on, as a swimsuit cover up.
    Michael pulled off the black Guns-n-Roses shirt, now soaked with Coke and wadded it up and threw it at me. “He ruined my chance with that girl. She could have been my dream girl…the mother of my children. Now I’ll never know.”
    “She was tone deaf, and you were only trying to bag her.”
    “Just because you can’t score with a girl who stays in your room all night long, doesn’t mean you should shut down my chances.”
    Layla poured some suntan lotion into her hands and bent over to start rubbing it into her legs. “Score? Like in a game?” She glanced up at Michael, and he shrugged. “Don’t make fun of David for being a gentleman. The world needs more of those. Where I’m from, the guys don’t even ask girls on dates anymore. They just look for a hookup at the clubs. All casual sex with no meaning.”
    Michael scooted closer in his chair. “Where are you from again? I want to move there.”
    Layla shook her head. “My friends are all into that, and I don’t judge them for it. But they get more hurt and jaded about love as they go. I don’t want that.”
    “Can you give me your friends’ numbers?”
    She rolled her eyes at him and pursed her lips. “Why do you want to be that guy who beds a bunch of women? Later they all regret having been with you. Why not make it your goal to be the guy one girl wants to sleep with many times and is proud to be seen with you? Why not look for one you want to hold close after the sex is over, instead of one you want to kick out of your bed as soon as it’s done?”
    His eyes got big , and he looked both ways. “How did you know I…?” He looked at her up and down. “Have we?”
    Layla’s eyes went wide. “No way. I just know your type.”
    Michael got a look in his eyes like he’d never thought like that before. He started

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