Forever Love

Forever Love by Jade Whitfield Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever Love by Jade Whitfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jade Whitfield
that’s up to me."
    "Fucks sake. Come on."
    Well that settles that then. I think I've definitely won this round.
    I grab my purse, shoving my phone and lip gloss in it and the proceed to follow Noah down the stairs. I notice who I now know is called Brady, though I think Dickwad suits him much better, standing by the front door. Man, he's like a yappy dog waiting for his walk. There's no sign of my Dad or Pam which I'm thankful for. I cant work out that asshole Noahs problem. Why would he have a problem with what I'm wearing?
    "Looking hot blondie." I give dickwad AKA Brady a thankful smile. Atleast some fuckers round here know to appreciate when something looks damn good.
    I'm not sure why Noah's reaction bothers me all that much, must be to do with the butterflies and shit. This stuff is so new to me, I wish I knew how to make it stop. I've had myself blocked off to members of the opposite sex for so long, apart from in bed of course, that I don’t know what to make of these feelings and shit. Maybe it's just a case of want what you can't have. Guys have always been so available to me. They're always chasing me and trying to woo me, I've never had to go out on the prowl. Now there's a hot guy living right under my nose in the same fucking house as me, I'm itching to play with him and he's the one person in this world I can't. Firstly, he's apparently my step brother, which doesn’t really bother me. It's not like we're related or we grew up together or anything but there's also the whole drama of living together, things could get way weird way fast. Plus I'm an avid believer in you don’t shit on your own doorstep and concerning Noah, that would be literal. Well not quite but you get my drift.
    Must be all the stress of moving. Yeah that’s it or maybe I just need to get laid. I know its only been a few days since but stress tends to bring out the friskiness in me.
    As we walk out the door I notice the most kickass car I've ever seen, sitting in the driveway right behind my Mini, which incidentally is still full of stuff that needs to be unpacked. Now I'm no car nut but I know a fucking great car when I see one.
    "Holy shit." I say while walking around it. It’s a three door metallic blue car with two silver stripes over the bonnet. "What type of car is this?" I'm guessing from the smug look on Noah's face that it's his car, which is weird seeing as though I didn’t see it yesterday when I got here. Then again, he was busy with the redhead.
    "A 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1."
    I give him a genuine smile, maybe it's repaying the one he offered me earlier. I don’t often give out real smiles, the car must be turning me soft. Yeah, it's definitely the car. Noah's whole face lights up, his pearly white teeth making a show, they're just as perfect as the rest of him,
    He opens the drivers side door and pulls the seat forward for me to get in, which I do carefully, holding the skirt of my dress down. I don’t wanna be showing anyone all my goods now, do I? The inside of the car is just as awesome as the outside with blue and gray leather seats. Its no fake leather shit either, you can feel the quality in them.
    I gotta be honest, the car is a pleasant surprise. I was expecting some SUV like everyone else seems to be driving nowadays. It's nice to know he has a personality to go with those looks, because there's no way he can have a car like this and not have a personality to match.

Chapter 5
    The minute she opened her bedroom door and I saw her, I knew that I was fucked. Man, I'm gonna be spending all night beating guys off with a fucking stick, or my fists. Brady, the dick, has been mooning over her all day. I've more than once had to remind him that he has a fucking girlfriend. A few threats to tell Cindy all about his little opinions and the fucker soon shut his pie hole. I don’t know the moment it happened, it might have been when she was giving that waitress sass, it might have been when she told me to fuck off

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