Freedom to Ride (Ravens MC)

Freedom to Ride (Ravens MC) by Suzanne Clark Read Free Book Online

Book: Freedom to Ride (Ravens MC) by Suzanne Clark Read Free Book Online
Authors: Suzanne Clark
Ethan moaned, cupping his delicate area.
    Megan laughed at him as she jumped up in triumph but caught sight of her best friend. Deanna was still lying on the floor with Nate sitting helplessly at the side of her, gently stroking her cheek as tears rolled down her face. Megan immediately understood what had happened.
    “Deanna, are you okay sweetie? Shit, don’t let your ex prick get to you,” Megan said as she rushed to Deanna’s side.
    “ I know. It just brought back a bad memory and I panicked. I don’t like feeling helpless. I’m sorry Nate. Let’s try again,” Deanna assured him as she looked up and saw the concern on his face.
    “ I’m not sure . . ,” he trailed off, Deanna’s tears and fear causing an uncomfortable ache in his chest.
    “ No honestly, I’m fine. I need to learn these moves so I’ll never have to feel like this again.”
    Attempting to persuade him she willingly raised her arms and took the position again. She knew she was being silly, knowing instinctively that even though Nate was easily twice her size he would never use his immense strength or intimidating presence against her.
    “Alright then, if you’re sure Deanna. Megan, you cheated because I was concerned about Deanna. Again,” Ethan called as the pairs got back in position.
    As Nate looked into Deanna ’s determined face he leaned back over her grasping her wrists more tenderly than he had before. Raising his eyebrows in question she nodded for him to continue, his concern filling her with happiness.
    “ Spread those beautiful legs baby,” he whispered. She slowly moved her knees either side of his waist. Her body flushed with heat at his words, her previous panic attack now completely forgotten.
    “ You tell me if you feel like that again and I’ll let you go straight away. Alright? Promise me.”
    “ I promise. You ready hulk?”
    “ Aye, I am.”
    After a few minutes of struggling she was seriously getting fed up, her whole body tired as sweat trickled down her back. She tried wiggling from under his chest but her actions caused her to rub her large breasts against his solid chest. She stilled when she saw Nate lean even closer so he was practically lying on top of her, his breathing shallow and his eyes fiery.
    “You’re cheatin’ again Deanna. I’ll have to teach you what happens to naughty girls,” he smiled suggestively as he leant his face further down, their lips almost touching.
    “ Oi. Are you two gonna stay down there all day or are you goin’ to do any work?” Ethan called.
    He could see the sparks crackling between his brother and Deanna and thought that they would be good for each other, but could also see they were both fighting their mutual attraction for their own reasons. Ethan understood Deanna was apprehensive around men because of her abusive ex and Nate didn ’t want to make a move that might scare her away. Resolving himself to do something to help the pair, Ethan made a note to call Logan later and get him to help out too. Ethan could appreciate Nate’s attraction to Deanna as, looking into her eyes her deep sadness and suffering were apparent, but she also had lots of fight in her which would earn Nate’s admiration and respect.
    They continued to work for another hour on how to escape from different positions, the girls getting better and better as the friendly and playful banter between Nate and Deanna continued.

    One evening, just over a month of living together, the usual gang was gathered together, all having had a bit too much to drink.
    After putting Holly to bed Deanna helped herself to her favourite whisky, it always relaxed her and made her feel warm and fuzzy. She walked into the living room and glanced towards Nate sat on a couch, who patted the space next to him. She sat beside him and he moved a little closer, resting his arm across the top of the settee behind her.
    “ She get to sleep okay?” said Nate.
    “ Yeah. One of the best things about her is she

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