From Seduction to Submission

From Seduction to Submission by R.R. Greaves Read Free Book Online

Book: From Seduction to Submission by R.R. Greaves Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.R. Greaves
that she had no real idea of what she needed herself, and hence the thought of where this might take her was both scary and exciting at the same time.
    She withdrew Mr. James – whoops, Big Black from herself and drifted into a deep sleep, but even in her dreams, he was never far from her and that made her undeniably very happy.

Chapter 3 – Exposed
    Natalie awoke to th e sound of her radio alarm at 6:15am, and as she rolled over to hit the snooze button, she rolled onto Big Black. As her fingers wrapped around the shaft to move it out of her way, she groggily thought of Mr. James once again. Despite the daylight streaming into her room through the curtains, she had no trouble dozing off again with it in her hand. When the radio came on for the second time, she left it playing and sat up on the edge of her bed. Without consciously thinking about it, she was feeling the bumps and ridges on her large, but remarkably realistic, silicone cock. She idly wondered why artificial cocks were always modeled on circumcised penises. Although she was glad they did, as she preferred them ‘foreskin free’ as she liked to say.
    She got to her feet and headed for the bathroom, dumping the dildo on its base on her sink top, smiling to herself as it sat there flexing back and forth a few times as it settled. As the jets of water hit her face, she was instantly wide awake, wasting no time cleaning and drying herself. When she was finished, she held the dildo against herself, wondering if she should give in to temptation. She knew she would be annoyed if she gave in so easily, and so after washing the dildo, she left it to dry as she tried to get the vision of Mr. James out of her mind.
    Her working day proceeded normally , but she knew she simply had to confide in someone about the weirdness of Mr. James and her feelings towards him. At lunch time she phoned her friend, Jo-Anne, who made the safe call the previous night and arranged to meet her for drinks after work, agreeing on a wine bar just down the street from Natalie’s work.
    When Natalie arrived, her friend was already there with two glasses of white wine sitting on the table. They greeted each other with the regulation twin air kiss and started chatting about the day’s events. Before long, her friend prompted Natalie on the main reason for their meeting, fairly sure that it was to do with the date Natalie had the previous night. The story began with the initial meeting and how Mr. James had treated her that evening. Jo-Anne sat there slack jawed as the details emerged; from the initial invitation to the feeding of Natalie and finally through to the instruction to call her.
    “That is so fucking hot,” her friend said as Natalie paused, fishing through her handbag for Mr. James’ business card bef ore handing it over to her wide-eyed friend.
    “Don’t worry. That is only the half of it. It gets better.” She continued with her story, taking up where she had arrived at the entrance to his building, eventually getting to the part where she first laid eyes on the things in his second bedroom. “You can only imagine how wet I was as I scanned the contents of the bed. I couldn’t even identify some of the things that were sitting there. Or if I could identify them, I had no idea what one would do with them in a sexual sense.”
    “I think I do have an idea because I am getting a little like that just with your description of things. Oh my God! I never would have expected you to meet up with someone like that down here in San Diego; maybe San Francisco or in Los Angeles , but not here.” She quickly added, “I have read about people like this but I had my doubts about whether they existed in real life. So what are you going to do?”
    Natalie noticed the strange expression and somewhat wry smile on Jo-Anne’s face , but thought nothing much of it as she was so engrossed in her own thoughts.
    “Well, I am going to go back there to see where this goes. I admit to being

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