Fuck buddies

Fuck buddies by Shirin Klaus Read Free Book Online

Book: Fuck buddies by Shirin Klaus Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shirin Klaus
have made me extinguish because  you thought it was romantic,
that my feelings for you haven’t changed since I signed the contract under
which we became fuck buddies. Are you happy now?”
    The fact that he had said those
words looking straight into her eyes seemed to calm her down and she forced
herself to smile. Suddenly, she regretted her behavior.
    “Yes, happy. Sorry. I— the candles
were very beautiful and they smelt of vanilla, right? May I light them again,
now that I know they are just an ornament?”
    “If you want to stand up and pick
up the matches, you’ll find them behind the bar.”
    She raised and went to the place
he had indicated. She passed by a hi-fi system and asked Roberto if they could
listen to music. He explained to her how to turn on the device.
    They started to eat and she tried
to break the ice that her reaction to the dinner had created. Roberto seemed to
be upset and Sara had to speak for almost twenty minutes before the nice and
funny side of him was back. The best part of the conversation arrived when they
were already a little drunk and they started to talk about sex.
    “Have you ever caught anyone
having sex in the restaurant?”
    “A few in the bathroom, but they
weren’t caught red-handed. We only knew they had done something because they went
together into the restroom and a few minutes later they left happier. The only ones
that we have caught red-handed was a couple of foreigners. She was under the
table giving a blow job to her partner.”
    “Are you kidding me?”
    “And the worst part is that we could
see one of her feet because the tablecloth didn’t cover it” Roberto started to
laugh. “We used to have long tablecloths so we couldn’t see the girl but her foot.
After that, my mother changed them all so that no one could hide under a
    “And what did you do?”
    “I would have left them alone,
what an embarrassment! But my father didn’t hesitate. He approached them and
said out loud that the lady had to come out from under the table.”
    “Did they understand him? You have
said they were foreigners.”
    “I guessed they did because she
came out.”
    “And they left?”
    “No. They kept eating.”
    “No way!”
    They screamed with laugher, wine
helping with their happiness. Almost a minute later, Sara took one of her shoes
off and leaded her left foot to his inner thigh. He jumped with surprise.
    “What are you doing?”
    “Your father isn’t here to tell me
not to do naughty things under the table.”
    He was suddenly fidgety and with
each movement she made, he got more and more nervous. His reaction encouraged
her to keep moving her foot with a rogue smile.
    “You don’t fluster so much when I
touch you with my hand.”
    “Normally, when you touch me, I
can see and touch you too.”
    She smiled and carried on with her
exploration under the table. Suddenly, he moved backwards until he was out of
reach. Unexpectedly, he disappeared under the table and crawled until he
reached her. He opened her legs and she was instantly nervous.
    “You’re not wearing panties” his
voice, full of surprise, made her giggle.
    “When you invited me here, I
didn’t expect it was for dinner. I came prepared for other type of—activity”
her voice cracked when he touched the entrance of her vagina with one of his
    “With a dress and no underwear.
What a dangerous girl.”
    While he was speaking, he was also
making circles with his fingers. When Sara opened for him, Roberto introduced
the first phalanx of one finger in her narrow cavity. Sara felt him moving but
didn’t know what he was doing until she felt his wet tongue over his finger. Sara
held her breath. It was very weird to see in front of her the table with its
white tablecloth and the candles while she was being caressed in her most
intimate place. Roberto had already managed to insert his entire finger inside
of her and instead of moving it in and out he was making little

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