Fulfilled by Allyson Young Read Free Book Online

Book: Fulfilled by Allyson Young Read Free Book Online
Authors: Allyson Young
other guy to his knees.
    “Alexander.” Where was she? There was no sign of her, although he’d scanned the hallway behind Graham, surreptitiously he hoped.
    Jon immediately dropped Graham’s hand. Fucking school yard play. He manned up. “Sorry.”
    “It’s okay. Kennedy did that to me, too.”
    “The woman I brought tonight is in the restroom. I delayed as long as possible so you’d have a chance to meet her. Patrick saw it, too. But you’ll have your work cut out. She’s decided she can’t be with a Dom who’s with other women, even in a training sense.”
    Jon stood, frozen in time and space. Someone tried to leave the room behind him, asked him to move from where he blocked the doorway, but he couldn’t. Not an inch. Fucking Doms. They missed nothing, unless maybe with their subs when they fell ass over heels in love with them. This whole damn club was a seething cauldron of love and lust and marriage and babies and shit. It wasn’t for him. He hated the emotional angst. Black and white, that was the ticket. No shades of gray for him. And she was white. Probably didn’t want a black man.
    “You can self-talk all you want, buddy. It is what it is unless you intend to do yourself out of a chance of a lifetime. I didn’t expect it either, but I didn’t fuck with fate. I ran with it, and I’m one happy Dom.”
    He finally found his voice and the ability to move, breaking the bottleneck at the door. He advanced on Graham who didn’t really retreat, but did step back to lean against the wall.
    “I have to think on it.” Now, where did that come from? He’d intended to scoff and blow the whole thing off, but the understanding and total lack of amusement in Graham’s demeanor gave him pause. This was indeed serious shit.
    “Talk with Patrick. She’s doing an interview.”
    Jon nodded and floundered for something else to say when a presence at his side spoke.
    “Hey, Graham. Got a minute?”
    Trevor Braun shot him a sideways glance but clearly wasn’t waiting any longer to speak to Graham. Jon ran back through their conversation and decided it was cryptic enough to remain private from Trevor. Trevor didn’t seem to care if Jon heard him.
    “You brought a sub tonight. Tourist?”
    Jon didn’t growl, but it was a close thing.
    Graham nodded. “She’s our nanny. Just getting into the Lifestyle.”
    “Training or looking for a Dom?”
    Jon had enough. “You know the drill, Braun. You check with Patrick.”
    Trevor locked eyes with him, and the older man didn’t back down one iota. Competition. Competition? Shit. The tension thickened, and Graham broke it with a laugh and a comment.
    “My nanny is coming this way. I’m taking her home. You might want to give her some room to pass. I’m not introducing either of you. The testosterone is thick enough to scare me .”
    Jon didn’t want to move an inch, this time from choice. He wanted the woman to walk right into his space and press that little form right up tight against him so he could feel her and let her feel him. Trevor didn’t move either. The nanny slowed her pace and stopped several feet away. Her face was pale and her body taut with tension.
    Graham reached out a hand, and she pattered forward to take it, eyes downcast. He and Trevor stepped back like a pair of well-matched horses, and she slipped by, tugged along by her boss. Jon tracked her progress out the door then stalked away without a backward glance at Trevor. He worked here and would get first audience with Patrick, but something told him the other man wasn’t backing down either. And he didn’t work here and was a paying member. Checkmate.

Chapter Four
    Lois sat quietly, hands in her lap, looking straight ahead through the windshield. When she came out of the restroom, the Saracen was talking to Graham, his bulk filling the hallway. Master Trevor stood beside him, also in the conversation. He wasn’t quite as big, but still a fair size,

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