Galactic Vigilante (Vigilante Series 3)

Galactic Vigilante (Vigilante Series 3) by T. Jackson King Read Free Book Online

Book: Galactic Vigilante (Vigilante Series 3) by T. Jackson King Read Free Book Online
Authors: T. Jackson King
T’Chak creators. This AI was male in persona. And it was totally devoted to the Task assigned to it by its T’Chak Masters 207,000 years ago—the eventual destruction of the Anarchate power structure and its replacement by the T’Chak Imperium. Due to the pandemic that had killed almost every T’Chak, that Task had been modified to use Humans as the point of the alien spear that was aimed at the 400 billion stars of the Milky Way galaxy. But the Task remained. And BattleMind had no understanding of the morality issue that her Matthew now warned her and Suzanne about. Soon, it would be up to her, Suzanne and George to mindlink with the alien AI of a Dreadnought starship and then teach it about human morality.
    Eliana thought doing that would be far harder than learning how to use an armored combat suit with a Tactical CPU that thought itself in control of the organic body that filled the suit. At least her mind could override the suit’s desire to decimate anything threatening that was in reach, as she had learned long, long ago when she first met Matt at the alien bar on Hagonar Station. But how does an organic mind link with an alien mind that is a superfast thinking artificial entity who is as stubborn as any human? That would be a lesson they would all need to learn from Matthew.
    Her lifepartner nodded to the giant dragon whose holo wings half-filled the Bridge. “Battle partner, leader of this ship, we’ve had this discussion before. My human hunches and sneakiness are a tactical advantage to the Task. Right?”
    BattleMind moved within its purple holo, spike-tail lifting. “Correct. So far. Your organic abilities complemented the weapons of this ship in a manner that allowed me to arrive at HomeWorld with the Anarchate combat knowledge desired by my perfect Masters.”
    Eliana stepped forward, drawing the AI’s attention. “Good BattleMind, you know through your link with Eliana that we organics pursue more objectives than just destruction. Matt became a Vigilante to bring some degree of justice and hope to needy peoples and planets. Suzanne, George and I have joined him in that quest. Only now we aim to change our home galaxy. That takes more than just winning battles.”
    “More?” said BattleMind in a brisk tone, his red eyes looking deep into her.
    She swallowed again, dry mouth needing water. Soon. “Yes, more. Your perfect masters died from a pandemic that spread wide before they could find a preventive vaccine. You know my molecular genetics work. You know how I aim to cure Matt of the slow virus infection.” She paused, drawing strength from the supportive looks of Suzanne, George and Matthew. “What good would it do for you and the other Dreadnoughts to conquer the Milky Way, only to have no organic partners? The Task was meant to include organic partners. Right?”
    The long crocodile mouth of BattleMind opened slightly, its narrow pink tongue slithering along sharp white teeth. “Your point is valid. How does that relate to this morality impediment of this Vigilante?”
    Eliana turned away to sit back in her accel-couch. She gestured in a way to include them all, Gateway and Mata Hari too. “The only way AIs and humans will fulfill the Task of your perfect Masters is to work together. Lending our strengths to your strengths. As we just discussed with Matthew. As you know from Suzanne’s Interlinkage algorithm. So accept that this human morality is part of who we are. Part of what makes us effective in pursuing the Task. With you.”
    The purple-hazed dragon closed its toothy mouth. It flared its black wings. “Accepted. I go now to the Restricted Rooms, there to abide until needed.”
    Eliana blinked as BattleMind disappeared. Then jumped as Suzanne and George clapped her on the shoulder. “Great going!” Suzanne said happily.
    Matthew looked back, caught her attention, then gave her a slow smile with dimples. “Well done, lifepartner. And welcome to the crusade against

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