Game Of Risk (Risqué #3)

Game Of Risk (Risqué #3) by Scarlett Finn Read Free Book Online

Book: Game Of Risk (Risqué #3) by Scarlett Finn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlett Finn
budge from this spot.’
    ‘You really don’t try to put a woman at ease, do you?’
    ‘I’m actually impressed that you’re being vigilant. But I jerked off this morning, so I can live without tonight.’
    Her mouth dropped open, but no breath entered her lungs. ‘You’re gross,’ she said, getting up and moving for the bathroom. ‘I hope your brothers know how gross you are and that they don’t act this way with their women.’
    ‘I don’t tend to talk to my brothers about that kind of thing, but given that they’re both having sex with their women, they probably know about each other’s masturbatory habits.’
    ‘I can’t believe that you’d speak to me this way.’
    ‘I’m an open book,’ he said.
    ‘Too open,’ she said with a scowl.
    ‘You should talk to Lyssa about your sexual neuroses when you meet her. She’ll really help you relax about it.’
    ‘I am relaxed about sex,’ she asserted and his remote-control occupied hand fell to the bed. Now she had his attention, but she didn’t want it in the way that his lowered eyes and heightened brows suggested. ‘Relaxed doesn’t mean that I’m easy.’
    ‘Never said you were,’ he said, going back to his channel surfing.
    ‘When I’m with a guy, I love sex. Lots of it. All the time,’ she said and his lips edged up, except he kept on perusing the TV channels. ‘You know exactly what I mean, you’re just trying to rile me up.’
    ‘I’m sitting here not saying a thing, Legs. Take your tantrum into the shower and let a man rest up, huh?’
    Drew had said this guy had a great sense of responsibility and while she didn’t feel threatened, she did feel a bit peeved. Regardless, she retreated into the bathroom to wash off the day. She’d need a good night’s sleep because tomorrow she was going to get answers from Ruger and more importantly, from her brother, Drew, too.
    Ruger was asleep by the time Layla got out of the shower. So much for him being there to protect her. Anyone would have walked in and delivered her to her very own Psycho shower scene because her protector was snoring as loud as a tractor—giving her prospective murderer all the audio cover he needed to commit his crime.
    Instead of waking him up and pointing all of this out to him, Layla changed into his tee-shirt, turned off the TV, and curled up in her own bed. Ruger might not be a Doberman when it came to ensuring her safety, but at least she knew he was there. As irritating as his snoring was at first, when she relaxed, she found the reminder that she wasn’t alone in this predicament to be soothing, which helped her manage to drift off to sleep.
    Ruger was out of bed, washed, and ready to leave, long before she was out of bed that morning. But he’d shaken her awake, almost literally tossed her into the shower, and then got them on the road by ten AM. They hadn’t had breakfast, and she liked to have three meals a day, so she was relieved when he said they were stopping for lunch.
    As soon as she finished her last bite, Ruger was on his feet, paying the check and rushing her out of the door again.
    ‘That lunch place was really great,’ Layla said, rooting around in her purse for a napkin. ‘How did you know about that diner?’
    ‘A sign on the highway told me about it,’ he said, concentrating on the road.
    So he hadn’t known about it before, he’d just come across it by accident. But it was a nice place. Their drive so far today had been pretty quiet, but she wasn’t a morning person and she liked to wake up in her own time. Apparently Ruger was happy to greet the day because he’d been chipper all day—annoyingly so. Only now, in early afternoon, was she beginning to feel her own buoyancy emerge.
    ‘I want to pick the next motel,’ she said, wiping her fingers. ‘How long will it take to get to Jersey anyway?’
    ‘We’re not going to Jersey,’ he said. ‘Or to another motel.’
    Layla began to click through radio stations. ‘We’re

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