Gena/Finn by Kat Helgeson Read Free Book Online

Book: Gena/Finn by Kat Helgeson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kat Helgeson
fanfic, but they don’t get my username because bitches don’t need to know about my profanity problem.
no, i’ve never been to a con. i know someone who goes to a lot of them who i don’t really want to run into. it’s a long story. they didn’t murder my aunt (she’s fine, so) or anything, it would just be kind of awkward. plus aren’t those things wicked expensive? i just bought a $300 espresso machine, so i think it might be time to lock my wallet up for this month.
    from: Finn Bartlett
to: Genevieve Goldman
date: Wednesday, March 26 11:25 PM
subject: RE: chicago con?
It isn’t so much that it’s a BIG DEAL. I know it’s not. But it is a weird hobby, let’s call a spade a spade, and the thing is that this is CHARLIE. I don’t usually waste a lot of energy worrying about what people think about me, but he’s different, you know?
...Okay, I really do have to tell him, don’t I.
Oh my god, this is stupid. He’s not going to care, right?
How do I explain it to someone who’s not part of it, though? Hi, Charlie, guess what, I’m drawing pictures of fictional characters in fantasy situations for my internet friends. It sounds like I’m talking about porn! Oh, hell.
    from: Genevieve Goldman
to: Finn Bartlett
date: Thursday, March 27 2:27 AM
subject: RE: chicago con?
yeah most people who talk about fanfic talk about porn. i’m pretty sure non-fandom people think that’s all it is. thanks, 50 shades of grey, appreciate it.
    from: Finn Bartlett
to: Genevieve Goldman
date: Thursday, March 27 12:23 AM
subject: OMG
I told him.
    from: Genevieve Goldman
to: Finn Bartlett
date: Thursday, March 27 3:39 AM
subject: RE: OMG
tell me everything. (this is not a request. I decided we’re at that point.)
    from: Finn Bartlett
to: Genevieve Goldman
date: Thursday, March 27 12:58 AM
subject: RE: OMG
It’s so awkward right now. I might have made a huge mistake. Fuck.
We were watching last week’s episode - Charlie’s a casual fan of the show, I have no idea how that’s even a thing - and I mentioned that there’s a con happening soon. I think he was kind of surprised I knew that, because I’m usually not that plugged in to organized events (I couldn’t tell you when ComicCon is happening).
So anyway, he asked if I wanted to go to the con, and I said I’d been thinking about it, and he went and got on his computer and started looking up plane tickets. And there I was thinking I’d completely lucked out, and my boyfriend was a dream come true, and he says -
“It’s about $500 for two round trip tickets to Chicago.”
He thought I was asking him to come WITH ME. Oh my god, is that something I should have remotely considered? I don’t want to be fangirling over Jake with Charlie sitting next to me looking all indulgent (or worse, NOT indulgent) and thinking I’m like that girl who jumped on Toby and practically started having sex with him at that con a few years ago.
(Did that really happen, or is it fandom urban legend?)
So anyway, I said I was thinking about going with some people I knew online, and he got SO judgmental. How did I know these people? Why did I want to go on vacation with random internet people? What if they were actually fifty-year-old rapists?
(Are you actually a fifty-year-old rapist?)
I tried to explain the journaling and the fic writing and the fucking depth with which you know someone, but the truth is, he’s right, we DON’T know each other and Tylergirl93 and even you could really be anybody.
Anyway, Charlie’s sleeping now and I can’t and I have work in two hours. It’s going to be a treat.

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