Ghosts - 05

Ghosts - 05 by Mark Dawson Read Free Book Online

Book: Ghosts - 05 by Mark Dawson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mark Dawson
here when they arrive. And I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”
    He couldn’t deny that Delaney was intriguing. There was a quality about her that made him want to hear her out.
    “Alright,” he said.
    He stepped around into the street and got into the other side of the Lexus.
    THEY DROVE for half an hour. If Delaney wanted conversation then she was happy to wait to get it started. She paused behind a truck until the road ahead was clear and then pulled out behind it without a word. Milton took a moment to check out the interior of the Lexus. It was a four door, a big executive number, very fancy. He would have guessed it was six months’ old; it still had the smell of a new car and it was kept in good shape. The leather had that deep smell that spoke eloquently of money and the glass was tinted black like a hearse. There were two small suitcases on the back seat. They were identical Samsonite models, the kind of wheeled design favoured by business travellers who prefer to avoid checking their things into the hold. A garment cover was hooked on the handle above the right-hand rear door.
    The road became a three-lane interstate and she accelerated up to seventy.
    “Comfortable?” she asked him.
    “Put the seat back if you want more room.”
    “How long are we going to be driving for?”
    “About an hour.”
    The chair was motorised. Milton pressed the rocker button on the door and, with a hum of its motor, the chair slid back a few inches. Might as well stretch his legs out; he didn’t know what he was going to find when they got to where they were going and the last thing he wanted was to have his muscles cramp up.
    He thought about what she had said. He had no idea how she could have known about the Group but, if what she said was true, she had probably saved his life. He looked out through the window at the sparse traffic heading into Victoria as they sped away from it. The lights of the cars and trucks shone brightly, high-beams raking into the sky until the drivers approached and flicked them down. He looked at them and wondered if he would see a face that he recognised.
    Delaney glanced into the rearview mirror at the traffic behind them and changed lanes. Milton took the chance to look at her reflection in the windshield. She was average height, slim and had a delicately-boned face. The auburn hair was the most striking thing about her: long and glossy, all the way down past her shoulders. He guessed she was a hundred and thirty pounds and five-nine. Age? Somewhere between thirty or thirty-five, he thought, although he’d never been good at guessing women’s ages. Her eyes were vivid emerald, her skin was flawless with little make-up. She was very striking. She was wearing a trouser suit with a white shirt that had a prominent collar. It was simple and elegant and obviously expensive. Her hands were slender and her nails were polished and manicured. She didn’t wear a wedding ring. The only jewellery she wore was a discrete silver cross around her neck.
    “Where are we going?” he asked her.
    “Houston,” she said.

Chapter Eleven
    DELANEY HAD booked two rooms at a motor court that served the airport. They arrived at eleven; she checked in while he waited in the car. He wondered whether he should disappear now, open the door and fade into the busy night, but he resisted the temptation. She knew too much about him and about things she should never have known for him not to be just a little intrigued. Instead, he arched his back and reached into the rear of the car for the nearest suitcase. He unzipped it quickly and pulled open the lid. There was nothing there save for a couple of changes of clothes, two pairs of shoes and a toilet bag. He settled back into the front and opened the glove compartment: he took out the car’s manual and insurance details and put them to the side. There was some documentation from a rental agency; the car had been hired yesterday from the Hertz

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