Gods Of Blood And Fire (Book 1)

Gods Of Blood And Fire (Book 1) by A. J. Strickler Read Free Book Online

Book: Gods Of Blood And Fire (Book 1) by A. J. Strickler Read Free Book Online
Authors: A. J. Strickler
were a shining example of Bandaran honor in the days of the Phoenix Queen. I feel we need them now more than ever; they will set an example to all of the other Kingdoms of what Bandara stands for.
    Second, I would like you to make me first seat on the council. It will make me second only to you in power until you father your own heir, by rights I should have my father’s seat anyway. He has recommended me to the council already, so there should be no interference from the other council members on the matter. ”
    Cain looked at Talorn and raised an eyebrow. “You seem to have thought this through very thoroughly. What you ask I can’t do until I’m crowned King and that all depends on how long father holds on to his shameful life, this plan will also make me very unpopular with commoners. They will not like their taxes being raised or several other small changes I plan to make when I’m King.”
    Talorn pointed his finger at the future King. “Isn’t it the need for popularity that has caused the problem in the first place?”
    Cain smiled. “You’re right, my friend, the Kingdom must be put before a King’s vanity. A lesson my father must never have learned and the only one he taught me. I agree to your terms and will act on them as soon as my father has passed on and I’m crowned. God forgive me, but I hope it happens in time to save Bandara.
    The two turned around and started walking back toward the stables. Cain stopped and looked thoughtfully at Talorn. “Oh, you never told me what the third thing was you wanted.” Talorn put his hand on the future King’s shoulder. “I wish to marry your sister.”

Chapter 3

    S o soft were her steps one could scarcely hear her as she padded down the hallway in her slippers. She loved the silk slippers; they had been a gift from her father last year. He had the royal seamstress sew the ankles of them with pearls and lace. They fit her small feet perfectly and they were as light and soft as a cloud.
    It was not only her feet that were small. Princess Raygan was not much bigger than a child, standing just five feet tall. It wasn’t her diminutive height though that caused all the guards’ heads to turn as she passed them in the hallway. It was the tight silk robe she had on and the sway of her hips.
    Raygan might have a girl’s height, but she had a woman’s figure. Large breasts, narrow waist, and the curve of her buttocks made even the most disciplined of the King’s guards stare. Beautiful dark brown hair fell past her shoulders to the middle of her back in waves of huge curls. Her eyes were big and blue as the sea. Her lips were full; her nose was small and perfect. She had the face of an angel; her looks were unequaled in the Kingdom of Bandara. And she knew it.
    She carried the tray with her father’s breakfast on it low enough that the guards could see her ample cleavage. Before she left her room, Raygan had made sure that she left her robe open just enough for guardsmen to get a peek. Raygan loved the way men looked at her. In their eyes, she could see they wanted her, hungered for her. And she loved it.
    She didn’t want to be with a man, actually even thinking about lying with a man frightened her, she had heard her servants talk about it several times and it sounded vile. She just wanted them to desire her, just knowing she could have anyone one of them she wanted satisfied her needs. Raygan intended to be the most beautiful and most charming woman in all of Bandara; she had desired it since she was a small child. The Princess had worked on nothing else. The way she walked, the way she talked. Even as a young girl, she would sit in front of her mirror for hours practicing her most alluring looks and facial expressions. Raygan felt she had achieved a degree of charm unmatched by any other woman. The only man that didn’t believe she was the most enchanting creature he had ever met was her brother.
    Cain had always been a bore as far as Raygan was

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