Golf In A Parallel Universe

Golf In A Parallel Universe by Jimmy Bloodworth Read Free Book Online

Book: Golf In A Parallel Universe by Jimmy Bloodworth Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jimmy Bloodworth
It is not true professional style course, but it is a very good championship course, which there are many in Florida. This is a no-named public course, but it has a great setup. The practice range has grass instead of those damned mattes. And there are a couple of other professional golfers besides me that have this as their home course. And the course management has a section of the practice range setup for us. So today is Friday. A good day to go out to the range and hit a few balls. I need to try to work myself back in the game after a crazy last few days. I do have a tournament next week so I need to make sure I have my game somewhat in shape so I do not embarrass myself. As I drive to the course I feel great that I just won the Masters. But is that a Fluke? Well, maybe. I have struggled the last 4 years and have become a lower level pro. Father time is catching up with me and I am at the end of my career. Thirty-two years is old in any professional sport. But I still have the fire in my belly. I just won my first major which is amazing, so I feel good. If I can at least finishing the year with respectful tournaments, then maybe it is not a fluke that I won a Major this year. As always, any given day or tournament the difference between the top players and the lower players is razor thin. I want to show the world that I am not just a one and done player.
    So I get to the course about 10:00 am. Go to the pro shop and of course all the staff know me. Lots of Congratulations. It is nice to see the people that really know me and are happy for me. We talk awhile and really have a great time. But now time to get back to business. I tell them I would like to hit some ball for a while, and I head off to the driving range.
    The driving range is a special place. Some people hate it, some people love it. I have always loved it. It gives me a chance to escape from the world. Bash some golf balls and not worry about anything else besides working on my game. Sometimes you just want to hit balls and get in the groove of your swing. Other times you want to get serious and look at all the details of your swing. Maybe change this, try this, see what you can do to improve. Today I just want to relax and hit some balls and get back in the swing of things. Last week was tough on my body and my mind and especially my emotions. Of course it was tough in a good way after winning the masters. But now I am ready to get back to the basics. I remember what Jerry Churchill told me and other players told me. Do not lose sight of how you got here. I know they are right. Golf is an unforgiving game. If you let all the success of winning get to your head and do not work on your game, then it is bye bye to any future success. I know they are right so I am ready to work on my game and I got extra motivation. I am the 2014 Masters champion and I want to show the world that I am a professional.
    So I start hitting some balls with a half wedge. I start thinking that maybe my shorter backswing which Jerry Churchill talked to me about may be the key to my game. I know that I have shorted it up the last few months and have been hitting the ball better. So I hit a few half wedges. “Feels Good," I tell myself. After getting a little more loose hit about three quarter wedges, “Feels good." I tell myself again. Then start to stretch things out, hit full wedge, and that really felt good. I pull out a 9 hour and hit a shot “Wow”! I hit a couple of more. “My God! This feels incredible," I tell myself out loud. I am confused why I am feeling this way. I pull out an 8 iron and hit a couple. “Oh My God, you have got to be kidding me, look how I hit that!. That must have gone 165 yards!” I tell myself. Then I step back.
    “What the Hell are you thinking?," I ask myself. I start thinking. It is just a normal 8 iron, like I have hit for years. But it like all of a sudden I have a voice in the back of my head, acting like I am thrilled to hit a golf shot. I do

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