Guards! Guards!

Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett Read Free Book Online

Book: Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terry Pratchett
There are many people here. I found a place, it is called The Shades. Then I saw some men trying to rob a young Lady. I set about them. They did not know how to fight properly and one of them tried to kick me in the Vitals, but I was wearing the Protective as instructed and he hurt himself. Then the Lady came up to me and said, Was I Interested in Bed. I said yes. She took me to where she lived, a boarding house, I think it is called. It is run by a Mrs. Palm. The Lady whose purse it was, she is called Reet, said, You should of seen him, there were 3 of them, it was amazing. Mrs. Palm said, It is on the house. She said, what a big Protective. So I went upstairs and fell asleep, although it is a very noisy place. Reet woke me up once or twice to say, Do you want anything, but they had no apples. So I have fallen on my Feet, as they say here but, I don’t see how that is possible because, if you fall you fall off your Feet, it is Common Sense.
    There is certainly a lot to do. When I went to seethe Sgt. I saw a place called, The Thieves’ Guild!! I asked Mrs. Palm and she said, Of course. She said the leaders of the Thieves in the City meet there. I went to the Watch House and met Sgt. Colon, a very fat man, and when I told him about the Thieves’ Guild he said, Don’t be A Idiot. I do not think he is serious. He says, Don’t you worry about Thieves’ Guilds, This is all what you have to do, you walk along the Streets at Night, shouting, It’s Twelve O’clock and All’s Well. I said, What if it is not all well, and he said, You bloody well find another street.
    This is not Leadership.
    I have been given some chain mail. It is rusty and not well made.
    They give you money for being a guard. It is, 20 dollars a month. When I get it I will send you it.
    I hope you are all well and that Shaft #5 is now open. This afternoon I will go and look at the Thieves’ Guild. It is disgraceful. If I do something about it, it will be a Feather in my Cap. I am getting the Hang of how they talk here already. Your loving son, Carrot.
    PS. Please give all my love to Minty. I really miss her.
    Lord Vetinari, the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork put his hand over his eyes.
    “He did what?”
    “I was marched through the streets,” said Urdo van Pew, currently President of the Guild of Thieves, Burglars and Allied Trades. “In broad daylight! With my hands tied together!” He took a few steps toward the Patrician’s severe chair of office, waving a finger.
    “You know very well that we have kept within the Budget,” he said. “To be humiliated like that! Like a common criminal! There had better be a full apology,” he said, “or you will have another strike on your hands. We will be driven to it, despite our natural civic responsibilities,” he added.
    It was the finger. The finger was a mistake. The Patrician was staring coldly at the finger. Van Pew followed his gaze, and quickly lowered the digit. The Patrician was not a man you shook a finger at unless you wanted to end up being able to count only to nine.
    “And you say this was one person?” said Lord Vetinari.
    “Yes! That is—” Van Pew hesitated.
    It did sound weird, now he came to tell someone.
    “But there are hundreds of you in there,” said the Patrician calmly. “Thick as, you should excuse the expression, thieves.”
    Van Pew opened and shut his mouth a few times. The honest answer would have been: yes, and if anyone had come sidling in and skulking around the corridors it would have been the worse for them. It was the way he strode in as if he owned the place that fooled everyone. That and the fact that he kept hitting people and telling them to Mend their Ways.
    The Patrician nodded.
    “I shall deal with the matter momentarily,” he said. It was a good word. It always made people hesitate. They were never quite sure whether he meant he’d deal with it now , or just deal with it briefly . And no one ever dared ask.
    Van Pew backed down.
    “A full apology, mark

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