Hagen, Lynn - Snooke [Demon Warriors 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

Hagen, Lynn - Snooke [Demon Warriors 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online

Book: Hagen, Lynn - Snooke [Demon Warriors 2] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynn Hagen
a glimpse of apprehension in Kane’s eyes.
    “That would be nice.” Snooke bit his bottom lip as he followed Kane into the kitchen. He waited by the table as Kane rummaged through the fridge.
    “I have water, orange juice, and milk.” Kane opened the milk and sniffed, his nose scrunching up. “Okay, just water and juice.” He tossed the carton into the trash as he looked at Snooke for an answer.
    “Water is fine.” Snooke looked around the kitchen, wondering how he could break the ice. He grabbed the water Kane handed him, and then they both just stood there in an awkward silence.
    “I’m extremely flexible,” Snooke blurted out. He could feel his face heating up at the confession. Snooke twisted the cap off his bottle and took a drink, hoping Kane had gone deaf in the last minute and didn’t hear him.
    No such luck.
    “Hmm, are you?” Kane sat his bottle down on the table and crowded Snooke’s personal space. “Are you going to let me find out?”
    Snooke’s cock hardened at Kane’s question. His heart rate picked up and his hands gripped the bottle tighter as Kane inserted his leg between Snooke’s thighs. When Snooke’s balls smashed onto that heavily muscled thigh, Snooke dropped the bottle, hearing it hit the floor. He grabbed Kane’s shoulders, his nails digging in, as he began to ride Kane’s strong, muscular thigh.
    Kane grabbed Snooke’s hips, pulling him toward that powerful set of shoulders, and then pushing him back down, helping Snooke get lost in the sensual ride. His cock and sac were tingling from the friction.
    “You feel so damn good,” Kane whispered into Snooke’s ear as he kissed his way down Snooke’s neck. He could feel Kane’s fingers digging harder into his hips as Snooke’s fingers turned white from the death grip he had on Kane’s shoulders.
    “Kane, I’m gonna come,” Snooke whimpered into Kane’s neck.
    “Then come for me, shorty.” Kane began to push and pull on Snooke’s hips faster, biting and nipping at the skin just below Snooke’s ear. “Come.” Kane exhaled, and Snooke arched as his head fell back. He cried out as his slacks filled with the sticky wetness of his cum.
    Kane wrapped his arms around Snooke’s body, holding on to him as Snooke rode out the sexual bliss.
    Snooke’s head fell against Kane’s shoulders as he clung to the warrior, breathing heavily as his heart raced out of control. Kane ran his hand over Snooke’s hair as he began to kiss along Snooke’s neck once again. The warrior had found Snooke’s erogenous zone, his neck, and was driving Snooke’s cock crazy. His skin buzzed as his senses reeled.
    A protest left Snooke’s lips as Kane pulled away. He looked into Snooke’s eyes before taking his mouth in a blazing kiss. Snooke tried to climb Kane’s body. His inner thighs felt empty without Kane’s leg inserted between them. He could feel Kane’s cock pressed into his stomach and wanted it buried deep inside of him.
    Snooke broke the kiss. “Fuck me, Kane, please.”
    Kane reached between them, unsnapping his jeans as he pulled on Snooke’s shirt, telling him without words that he wanted Snooke on his knees.
    Snooke nervously lowered, remembering from the last time how large Kane’s cock was. Could he take all that into his mouth? Would it fit?
    Snooke glanced up to see the way Kane’s coppery brown eyes darkened as he stared down at Snooke. “Only if you want to, shorty. It’s your choice.”
    Snooke’s eyes blinked when Kane freed his cock, holding the base with his large hand. Snooke could see Kane was detracting inches from the length with his hand, letting Snooke know he didn’t have to take it all.
    Snooke leaned forward and placed his hands on Kane’s thighs, as he opened and took the head into his mouth. Kane hissed as Snooke lapped at the slit, greedily sucking in the pre-cum that was leaking out. Snooke’s lips stretched wide as he took the cock further in.
    Kane’s hand squeezed the cock tighter, slowly

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