Hagen, Lynn - Tater's Bear [Brac Pack 22] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

Hagen, Lynn - Tater's Bear [Brac Pack 22] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online

Book: Hagen, Lynn - Tater's Bear [Brac Pack 22] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynn Hagen
want him.
    Olsen climbed out of the truck, grabbing a few bags and walking his mate quietly to front door. He waited as Tater rang the bell. Olsen noticed a camera whiz around, pointing directly at him. He looked down at his hands, at Tater’s belongings, as he waited for someone to answer the door.
    His mind was screaming to stop Tater. To demand that he come home with Olsen and stop this nonsense. Olsen studied his mate’s profile as Tater looked straight ahead. He really was a handsome man. He felt the longing in his chest to touch anything on Tater.
    Olsen’s head snapped around when the front door opened. A man with silver hair eyed them both. “Can I help you?”
    “I’m Tater, Taylor’s friend,” Tater answered. Olsen noticed how Tater omitted his introduction. He mentally sighed.
    “And you?” the silver-haired man asked.
    “I’m Olsen Lakeland.” He stretched his arm out.
    “Loco,” the man said as he shook Olsen’s hand. “I know about the Lakelands. Come on in.”
    Olsen hovered his hand at the small of Tater’s back as they entered the house, walking into a large foyer. Olsen cocked a brow when a small child ran up to him and hugged his legs before taking off again.
    “Don’t mind Maddox. He’s a cub that thinks he rules the pack.” Loco chuckled. “Don’t tell anyone, but he does.”
    Olsen stepped closer to Tater when Maverick appeared from around a corner, his expression curious as he looked from Olsen to Tater and then down at his mate’s bags.
    “I take it I’m having a houseguest?” he asked Olsen.
    “If you don’t mind, sir,” Tater answered.
    Olsen let a low growl leave his lips as his mate gave the alpha the honorific he hadn’t even received. He wanted to lash out. It took every ounce of restraint to keep his bear from emerging and claiming what was his. He didn’t like all of these males around his mate.
    It wasn’t kosher, and Olsen was five seconds away from shifting.
    “Can I talk to you outside?” Maverick asked Olsen and then turned to Tater. “Loco will show you a room.”
    Olsen watched helplessly as Tater walked away from him. His canines punched through his gums as he growled.
    “Outside, now,” Maverick commanded.
    Olsen gave his mate one last glance before following the alpha outside. He paced the front yard as he tried his best to calm his bear. Now that Tater was out of his sight, he didn’t like the idea of his mate being here when he should be at home with Olsen.
    “Shift,” Maverick commanded.
    Olsen shifted, roaring as he charged the alpha and then stopped at the last second. He was giving warning, and the alpha knew it. He roared again when a few timber wolves emerged from different directions, growling as they approached him.
    “Stay back,” Maverick said as he held his hand up. “Olsen’s mate is inside, and he feels like his claim is being threatened.”
    Olsen was surprised Maverick knew what was going on with him. He roared again, scratching his paws against the grass. The alpha knelt in front of Olsen.
    “He’s safe here. No one is going to touch him. I give you my word.”
    Olsen grunted as he backed away and then charged again, stopping a few feet in front of Maverick. He could see the wolves getting closer, but he was too worried about Tater. What puzzled him most was that Maverick didn’t even flinch. He just knelt there like he was humoring Olsen.
    Olsen shifted back into his human form. “I want my mate!”
    “I haven’t a clue what’s going on here, but if Tater is looking for refuge and protection, I’m extending it to him. He is now under my roof and my care. If he doesn’t want to see you, I’m sorry, but he doesn’t have to. Mates come first.”
    Olsen had already told himself that, but hearing it from someone else’s lips irritated the shit out of him. Hearing it from a man’s lips when it concerned his mate downright pissed him off. He headed toward his truck before he did something really stupid—like ignore

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