Haunting Desire

Haunting Desire by Erin Quinn Read Free Book Online

Book: Haunting Desire by Erin Quinn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erin Quinn
one of them in her own and stared at the scars on his palms and fingers, tracing her nail over them. He could still remember the razor bite of the pages as they’d fought the destruction, shredding Tiarnan’s skin in defense.
    “I cannot describe it, touching something that evil,” he said, keeping his voice low so that Liam would not awaken, so that Shealy could not hear the tremor that ran through it. She sensed it, though, and looked up quickly, catching him by surprise. What did she see in his face? Terror? Guilt? Shame?
    “It felt like all the bones in my body shattered, and then everything went white and the world rumbled. I remember falling and when I opened my eyes, I was here.” He looked up, met her gaze, and said softly, “ In the Book of Fennore.”
    Her mouth moved, but no words came out.
    “I brought Liam with me, though I do not know how I did it. He’d been wounded and I feared I’d lose him, too. Perhaps that is why, or perhaps it is because of something greater than my puny thoughts.”
    “And Cathán? You brought him as well?”
    “Evidently. We have all been trapped here since then. And I never thought I would escape. Until today.”
    “Until you saw me and my dad.”
    He nodded. “And Cathán.”
    Her eyes narrowed. “Where do you think Cathán is now?”
    “I do not know. I search for him. I scour this island from shore to shore, hunting my enemy. But all I ever find are his monsters.”
    Angrily he pushed to his feet and paced a few steps away.
    “In all of the legends, it was the Druid Brandubh who ruled the Book of Fennore. It was the Druid whose evil turned the purest heart black. The Druid destroyed anyone who touched the Book. But now Cathán controls all that power. He hones it, turns it into wolves that attack humans when there is game enough to feed a thousand wolves. He creates monsters that are so vile they cannot be described.”
    “Because he can? Because he wants me dead and is too much the coward to fight me like a man, to kill me himself. I believe he has put an end to the Druid and he is king of all that is wrong in this cursed land.”
    “That’s why you attacked when you saw him tonight in the parking lot.”
    “He has evaded me at every turn, retreated to a place I cannot find. To see him, to have him so close and not end his life . . .”
    “You protected me,” she said.
    He braced himself for another of her whys? But she was silent, eyeing him with a too-perceptive stare. “You think he was after my dad.”
    At his silence, her eyes widened as she heard what he did not say.
    “You think my dad summoned Cathán? You think he arranged what happened? That he planned it?”
    “Yer father opened the door.”
    “Yes, you keep saying that. But I’m telling you it isn’t true. My dad looked for the Book of Fennore for years. Years , Tiarnan. He lost everything because of his obsession, just like his father. And I swear he wasn’t hunting for it to use it, to tap into this power you say it has. He had these deluded ideas that he needed to hide it away, keep it safe from ‘all of mankind.’ Jesus, I can remember the fights he and Mom had over it. She thought he was crazy, fanatical. And he was. If he’d known how to open doors and find it, he would have done it a long time ago.”
    She believed what she said. He could see that, but he wasn’t convinced she knew the truth. Power had corrupted many men. It had corrupted him, lured him to make decisions that had destroyed the things he valued most. The people he loved above all others.
    The only certainty Tiarnan knew was that her father had opened the door and both Tiarnan and Cathán had done the impossible—escaped the world of Fennore if only for a few moments. Now Cathán had vanished once more, and he could only assume Shealy’s father had gone with him. His gut told him Donnell O’Leary had not gone willingly. He’d fought Cathán, just as Tiarnan had. The circumstances of how

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