Hazel and the Alien Biker (Intergalactic Brides 5)

Hazel and the Alien Biker (Intergalactic Brides 5) by Jessica Coulter Smith Read Free Book Online

Book: Hazel and the Alien Biker (Intergalactic Brides 5) by Jessica Coulter Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Coulter Smith
Tags: BIN 07605-02452
some money to take care of her children. And they had a place to stay for the time being, which meant she could actually rest at night and not be on constant watch for bad men.
    The limo pulled to a stop in front of the mall and her children scrambled out of the car and bounced impatiently as Reyvor eased out, then held out his hand. Her fingers slid across his palm as he lifted her from the vehicle and she felt tingles shoot up her arm. Her nipples pebbled and she blushed again, knowing he could see them. He may have purchased her a bra, but being a typical male he’d picked one based off looks, which meant sheer and lacy. There wasn’t much of a barrier between her boobs and her shirt. She damn near felt naked at the moment.
    “The first place we’re stopping is the shoe store,” he said in that imperious way of his that said My word is law .
    She glanced at her shoes, and then her daughters’ shoes. All right, so they were filthy and had seen better days. They didn’t, at all, go with their new outfits. They followed Reyvor into the mall and stopped as he perused the map. She watched his finger slide down the glass display until he found the words Shoe Stores . He frowned and looked her way.
    “I don’t know which of these are appropriate for what we need.”
    “The discount store is fine,” she said, pointing it out on the display.
    “If I’m buying you shoes, I’m going to buy good ones that will last a while. What about this one?” he asked, pointing to a store she knew would cost over fifty dollars for a pair of tennis shoes, and even that was a discounted rate.
    “Reyvor, just because you’re determined to spend money on us doesn’t mean you have to wipe out your account doing it.”
    He rolled his eyes, a move so human it startled her, then tucked his hair behind his ear. “I’m only going to say this one more time. I have more than enough money to provide for the kids and you. I’m paying cash for whatever house I buy and I will have plenty left over to furnish it. As I said, I’ve only transferred part of my money into a bank here on Earth and the rest of my credits are still on Terran. I’m not the richest man in the world, but I’m far from destitute.”
    She felt the blood drain from her face and he cursed under his breath.
    “I didn’t mean anything by that,” he said. “I know you’re doing the best you can under the circumstances. I don’t know all of the details, but your girls did share a little with me this morning. You were in a bad situation and did what you thought was best to make sure your children were safe. Now why don’t you let me do what I can to assist you in that goal? You may not be in a position to provide for them right now, but I am. My mate and I never had children because she was taken from me too soon, but I’ve found I like spending time with your daughters. Give me a chance to show them all men aren’t monsters.”
    Tears gathered in her eyes and she slowly nodded. “The shoe store you pointed out will be fine.”
    He nodded, then took Abby’s hand and began to walk in the direction of the store. She noticed people were watching them with interest and she wondered how often the Terrans came to the mall, if ever. She even saw a few with their cell phones snapping pictures. Hazel wasn’t too sure how she felt about her daughters being photographed and more than likely plastered all over the Internet.
    At the store, a clerk hurried forward and asked if she could be of any service. With the way she was eyefucking Reyvor, Hazel had a pretty good idea what type of service she’d like to give him. And the big, purple alien was completely clueless. Or so she thought. When he reached for her hand, pulling her to his side, she wondered if maybe he did know the redhead wanted him.
    Winnie was standing in front of them and turned to tug on Reyvor’s shirt. “Can we get any shoes we want?”
    He smiled. “Any shoes you want. Maybe we’ll even get more than

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