Hazel and the Alien Biker (Intergalactic Brides 5)

Hazel and the Alien Biker (Intergalactic Brides 5) by Jessica Coulter Smith Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Hazel and the Alien Biker (Intergalactic Brides 5) by Jessica Coulter Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jessica Coulter Smith
Tags: BIN 07605-02452
tap on the door made her squeak and clutch her chest as her gaze lifted and crashed with Reyvor’s over the door.
    “What are you doing in here?” she groused. “What if I’d been naked?”
    “Then I’d have gotten quite the show. You were taking so long I wanted to make sure everything was all right.”
    “I’m just deciding what I want to buy.”
    He frowned at the two sets of clothes hanging on the hooks, one much thicker than the other. “I hope you mean to purchase all of them. Didn’t they fit?”
    “Some of them didn’t hang quite right, or were the wrong color for me.”
    “Then we should go back out and find more.”
    She gave him an exasperated look. “Do you really think I need all these?” she asked, gesturing toward the clothes. “As long as there’s a way to launder things, I can get by with a week’s worth of clothes. I don’t need twenty outfits.”
    “No less than twelve outfits, Hazel. And I don’t mean the kind where one shirt goes with three pants. Twelve individual outfits.”
    She opened her mouth to argue, but he narrowed his eyes at her. With a huff, she snapped her jaw shut and looked at the clothes again. She opened the door and handed him the five she’d already selected, then dug back through the other stack and selected seven more, including the dress he’d liked so much. The clerk at the counter rang up her purchases and Hazel’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head at the total. She’d never spent so much on clothes before, preferring the cheaper big box stores and thrift stores. Even when she had a job she hadn’t bought her clothes at the department stores in the mall. The three pair of jeans she’d tried on were on sale for seventy-five dollars. It blew her mind that people would spend more than twenty dollars on a pair of pants, but Reyvor was rather insistent.
    He began walking toward the mall entrance, but she grabbed his arm and started tugging in the opposite direction. He gave her a bemused smile and followed, obviously curious as to where they were going. When they reached the men’s department, she eyed him up and down before deciding he wore a large shirt. She caught him watching her as she flipped through the racks, selecting six short sleeve shirts and two lightweight long sleeve shirts with pearl snaps.
    Reyvor set her bags down and went to try on the clothes, returning a moment later with one of the long sleeve shirts on. Her mouth watered as she admired the way the fabric clung to his broad shoulders and stretched across his massive chest. The snaps held, but she wondered if maybe she should give him a size larger?
    “How does it feel?” she asked.
    He shrugged his shoulders and a snap popped open, making her giggle.
    “I think you need a larger size. Bring back the things I gave you and I’ll find you an extra-large in them.”
    Reyvor grinned and did as she asked. When he had the larger size, he tried on more clothes, modeling each one. Hazel squeezed her legs together as her body nearly melted at just how sexy he looked in the new shirts. Reyvor paid for his new clothes, then carried all of their bags toward the food court. Looking at their wilted expressions, Hazel knew their day of fun was going to be put on hold. She knew three little girls who all needed naps.

Chapter Five
    Reyvor sat on the sofa next to Hazel and looked down at the floor where the three girls were nestled in their sleeping bags. Their current living arrangements weren’t going to work much longer. The girls needed rooms of their own, and he very much wanted to be able to spend some time alone with their mother. When Hazel had stepped out of the fitting room in that body hugging dress, he’d known then that things were going to change between them. He’d seen the light in her eyes and caught the appreciative way she eyed him when he’d tried on the shirts she’d picked out.
    Zanar’s words flitted through his mind. Reyvor had spent the last year alone, but was it

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