Hazy View: Souls of the Vanished

Hazy View: Souls of the Vanished by Ink Blood Read Free Book Online

Book: Hazy View: Souls of the Vanished by Ink Blood Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ink Blood
Tags: thriller, Death, Horror, Mystery, Murder, Ghosts, creepy, lake
through her body.
    Her breathing was fast. Her heart
pounded and she felt light-headed. She felt angry, filled with rage
and desperate. She wanted to grab shelves and throw them. She
wanted to grab a lump of her hair and yank it out in a fit of
    She scanned through the darkness and
saw nothing.
    Laughter broke through the other room
where Olivia was playing.
    Helen felt a strong urge to weep hard
and loud.
    She wanted to return to the other room
and paused.
    The temperature plummeted.
    A moan echoed, bouncing off the walls
and ceiling. A thump followed by a hissing moan filled the
    Someone moved quickly, descending into
the basement from the door behind her.
    The stairs were empty, whatever
descended, came down the wall behind it. A loud crash froze her.
The light blinked and admitted a cracking sound.
    A shelf moved.
    Something was moving behind them,
moving from shelf to shelf. Fear grabbed her into a numb stance.
Her breathing was even faster. Her heart drummed and her ears were
    Vapor escaped her mouth.
    An eerie, mysterious, ghastly draft
passed her. Helen hurried to the other room, the hissing and
scratching just ahead of her. At the door Helen paused. Olivia’s
voice carried above the hissing and scratching.
    Olivia was clinging to an extra
blanket still offering it to her friend. Olivia wasn’t in any
danger, someone was with her.
    “ You can come and play
again. Good-bye, come back soon.” Olivia called in a gentle
    Olivia dropped the blanket and sat at
her tea set. She was sad and lonely. Helen walked to Olivia. Warmth
returned to the room. Olivia turned to Helen with teary
    “ Can you explain all these
towels and blanket you’re dragging through the dirt?” Helen asked
    “ I was playing mommy.”
Olivia admitted between sniffs.
    “ Yes, I can see that. Can
you explain the water throughout the house?”
    “ It's my friend, mommy.
I’ll dry it up.” Olivia offered.
    “ Your friend is that why
you took all the towels and blankets?”
    Helen didn’t want to call Olivia a
liar, not after what just happened. Something was happening,
something she couldn’t explain yet.
    “ Yes mommy, my friend said
he’s cold. I was just trying to help him. He’s so sad.” Olivia said
wiping tears away.
    “ He, so it's a boy?
Where’s he now?”
    “ His mommy called him. He
went home.”
    Olivia’s words cut like a knife
through Helens soul.
    “ Where does he live?”
Helen asked almost breathless.
    “ He told me that they use
to stay around here, but now he stays in the lake. He doesn’t like
it there. He says it's too dark and cold. It scares him.” Olivia
admitted and jumped into Helen’s arms and wept.
    “ There now, I’m sure your
friend would like to come and visit at least he’ll be happy.” Helen
cuddled Olivia.
    Olivia stopped weeping. “It's okay if
he comes to play?”
    “ Yes I’m sure it would do
no harm, as long as your little friend stops messing water all over
the house.”
    Olivia grabbed a towel filled with
toys and ran out of the room.
    Helen collected the rest of the toys
and bedding. “It's good she’s dealing with the divorce, but a
friend that lives in the lake? What’s he, a merman?” Helen followed
    The hospital was a six-floor building
offering wards, emergency rooms, consulting rooms, the latest
equipment, theaters and specialist departments including a
rehabilitation and psychology departments. It was the largest, most
equip and safest hospital in a hundred mile radius. People from
nearby towns and the city came to the hospital for its standard of
excellence. Besides the outstanding service the hospital also
boasted large windows with a full view of the lake and large wild
forests and mountains on the other side.
    Andrew found Dr. Phillip Scotts at the
nurses’ station. He was slender with a small mustache, deep set
eyes and his drop-dead gorgeous.
    Phillip noticed Andrew and stopped
reading a chart.

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