Healer's Choice

Healer's Choice by Jory Strong Read Free Book Online

Book: Healer's Choice by Jory Strong Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jory Strong
of what he’d done, but because he lacked the money to pay for the damage to Allende’s property.
    A hand settled on her shoulder. Dorrit said, “You’re broadcasting your emotions, Rebekka. Wherever you’ve been these last few days, it hasn’t been good for you. It’s made you forget there are always eyes watching and mouths ready to spread gossip.”
    Fingers dug in, adding to the warning. Rebekka looked up and saw a hint of compassion in the brothel madam’s face. Admitted, “I’m exhausted.”
    “I’ll have Feliss taken to your room. You can take care of her there and stay to get some sleep unless the need for your services is urgent.”
    Dorrit glanced at the unconscious prostitute. “Feliss can remain out of the lineup for the remainder of the night if she chooses.” A shrug said it didn’t matter. In the end, the debt owed Allende would be paid.


    THE pack members gathered in the clearing, called there by the deep, coughlike roar of their alpha. Men and women and children slid silently from the woods, some in their jaguar form, most in a human one.
    At his father’s left, his hair and skin still wet from a morning swim, Aryck frowned, noting the absence of the four adventurous Jaguar cubs who so often found trouble—and a fifth, Caius, a Tiger born to a Jaguar female. When this was done, someone would have to find and chastise them for straying so far from camp they didn’t hear Koren’s summons.
    The bloody clothes of Daivat’s victims lay piled on the ground in front of the alpha. Aryck had brought them back not to serve as evidence, but so they could be thrown into the fire at the center of the challenge circle to ensure nothing remained of the dead man and woman.
    Murmurs arose from those gathered as the scent of human death and Daivat’s involvement reached them. Tension built—in anticipation, in dread—stirred to life by what the clothing represented. Threat.
    Sound flowed into silence when Daivat arrived, shifting easily from his jaguar form to his human one. Several of the lower-ranked females edged closer, jostling for the attention of a male in his prime, some of them seeking only transitory pleasure while others were ripe and fertile and intent on gaining a permanent mate.
    Daivat ignored them, sending a challenging look to Aryck instead.
    Aryck met the gaze with a cold one, uncaring about the females who openly courted another male after having presented him with swollen vulvas earlier in the day when he was in jaguar form.
    Daivat’s fingers flexed in subtle challenge. Rage flared to life in his eyes as a female Jaguar emerged from the woods and rubbed the length of her furred body against Aryck’s before changing to human form, her bare breast pressed to Aryck’s arm.
    Aryck resisted the urge to step away from her but couldn’t remain quiet. “This isn’t the time or the place for your overtures, Melina.”
    She purred and pressed a pebbled nipple to his upper arm. “Later then, when this matter is settled.”
    The deepening of her scent indicated she was aroused by the prospect of violence, by the thought of two dominant males fighting in her presence as though they fought over the right to mount her.
    Several male human-formed Jaguars standing nearby hardened in reaction to her heat-scent and sultry voice. Aryck’s cock stirred, making him glad he’d pulled on loose shorts rather than coming to the clearing naked in preparation for changing form. He wanted to give Melina no encouragement.
    Across from them Daivat’s expression darkened with hatred and jealousy when Melina’s hand settled on Aryck’s belly. Aryck captured her wrist and squeezed in warning. “Not now,” he growled. “Not later.”
    He turned his head to give Melina a deadly stare, Jaguar to Jaguar, one that ordered her away from him. One she couldn’t refuse.
    Her eyes flashed, resenting him even as he knew his ability to resist her only increased her hunger for the feel of his cock thrusting

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