Healing the Boss's Heart

Healing the Boss's Heart by Valerie Hansen Read Free Book Online

Book: Healing the Boss's Heart by Valerie Hansen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Valerie Hansen
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Religious
so ridiculous—and she was so keyedup after the storm—she couldn’t help herself. “I didn’t want you to see the clutter. Can you believe it? I’m standing in a nonexistent living room and I’m worried about a messy bedroom. I should be thankful I even have a bedroom.”
    “I see your point,” he said. “I was afraid you’d come unglued again.”
    “Not me,” Maya replied. “I am usually one together lady in spite of my behavior earlier today. After my parents died, Clay and Jesse both said it was my sensible nature that kept our family on an even keel.” She sobered. “Of course, it didn’t stop my brothers from quarreling or keep Clay from leaving home. Still, I did all I could to keep the peace between them.”
    “I’m sure you did.” He passed Layla to Maya and backed away. “If you think you can stand letting me tour your messy house—what there is of it—I’ll go see if the bedrooms seem stable.”
    Maya nodded. “Thanks. We’ll wait. I’d go myself but I don’t want to expose Layla to any more dangers. I’ll turn off the gas at the meter, just in case they haven’t shut down service to the whole town yet.”
    “Good idea. Hang on and try to keep from getting too silly again. I’ll be right back.”
    Watching him wend his way through the partially collapsed room and enter the hallway, Maya again gave thanks for Gregory Garrison’s assistance.
    She hadn’t dreamed she’d ever have a casual orpersonal conversation with her stuffy, persnickety boss, let alone encourage him to poke through her home. Then again, there wasn’t anything to hide. She had done her best to support herself and her daughter, though that had meant making many sacrifices along the way. What few possessions they did have were contained in that house. Correction, in what was left of it.
    For an instant, she rued the loss. Then she remembered that she and Layla were alive and well and asked the Lord’s forgiveness. She was grateful. Period. And no matter what happened next, she was going to make certain she never lost sight of that blessing.
    Thinking of family again while she shut the gas valve, her thoughts turned to Jesse. He was almost ten years her senior, yet she had the urge to mother him, to give him a big hug and soothe his losses, assuming the second twister had actually hit the ranch, as she’d supposed.
    As soon as the phones were up and working, her eldest brother was going to be the first person she called. And until then, she was going to pray for him and his family as fervently as humanly possible. The rest was up to God.
    Greg found surprisingly little damage in the remaining parts of Maya’s house. There were a few cracked windows and some of the ceiling plasterhad fallen but other than that, the bedrooms and bath were intact.
    He returned to Maya with a smile. “Looks good back there. Solid, not shaky. I think it’s safe for you to go take a look.”
    “And change my clothes and shoes. I know,” she said with a wry grin. “You don’t have to tell me again.”
    He hoped he was managing to look suitably contrite because he wanted to make her life as easy as possible, especially right now. “Hey. I didn’t say a word.”
    “Not this time, no.”
    It pleased him to see a genuine smile light her pretty face so he added, “See? I’m teachable.”
    “I’ll reserve judgment on that. Watch Layla for me while I change, will you? I’ll need to pack a few things for both of us, too, assuming they’re not sopping wet. We certainly won’t be able to live here.”
    “Probably not for a while. But I can help you rebuild if you want.”
    “You’d do that? For me?”
    He wanted to tell her how impressed he’d been by her fortitude and unswerving courage in the face of disaster but decided it was best to keep his offer simple so he said, “Of course. We’re all going to need to work together to get High Plains back on its feet. I’m sure Michael will be organizing work crews soon, and I

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