Her Fierce SEAL: Midnight Delta Book 6

Her Fierce SEAL: Midnight Delta Book 6 by Caitlyn O'Leary Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Fierce SEAL: Midnight Delta Book 6 by Caitlyn O'Leary Read Free Book Online
Authors: Caitlyn O'Leary
they save baby.  They try to be strong, but they feel way deeply when holding baby they save.”
    “Huh?  Finn, what is she talking about?”  Angie twisted to look up at him.
    “Darius and Mason delivered a baby. On the island where the girls were being held captive, there were two people in charge who were basically monsters.  They were doing a C-Section without anesthesia and were planning on letting the mother die.  They only cared about the baby.  The baby was in distress, and Mason and Dare saved both mother and child.  They then rescued Dasha and the other girls from their locked cabins.  Mase and Dare were pretty emotional.”
    “You have strong emotions,” Dasha noted.
    “Maybe I do.  But I want to talk about how I can help you.”
    “You like other men.”  Dasha was determined to say her piece.
    “Yes, they are my teammates.”
    “You good men?” Dasha asked.
    “I try to be,” Finn replied.  Dasha gave Angie a questioning look.
    “Yes, he is a good man,” Angie reassured Dasha, as she elbowed Finn in the stomach.
    “How you help?”
    “Can we sit down?”  Angie peeked around Finn and saw her grandfather and Sergei pretending to play chess.  It was obvious they were closely monitoring the conversation.
    “Yes,” Dasha agreed.  She sat back down.  Angie sat next to her, and Finn circled the picnic table to sit across from the two of them. 
    “Dasha, do you remember Rylie and Lydia?  They were the women who helped to find your uncle.” 
    She nodded and smiled broadly.  “Da!  I mean yes.  They are with your friends?”
    “Yes.  My team.  They discovered records that told us how much money was paid for each child.”
    “Bastards,” Pops muttered.  Angie looked at her grandfather who had given up all pretense of playing chess.  They moved closer to her and Finn.
    “What else do you know?” Sergei asked.
    “Not much.  We know what city each couple flew in from.  According to the records, each was listed as a couple.”
    “Hot damn!” her grandfather cried.
    “Unfortunately, it hasn’t been as easy as you might think.  There were sixteen births in all.  Based on DNA testing, we were able to reunite eleven of the girls with their babies, but now we are left with the five most elusive couples.”
    “What do you mean?” her grandfather demanded.  “You said you knew which city they flew in from.  Figure it out from the airline records of who flew in solo, and then flew back with a baby.  Dammit man, how hard can that be?”
    “Easy Pops,” Angie soothed her grandfather.  “I’m sure that’s what they did on the first eleven.  There must be some issues with these last five, or they would have already done that.”
    “They probably took alternate forms of transportation back.  Cars, or ferries to the US.  Or just stayed in Canada until things died down.”
    “But you know what city they came from,” Sergei protested.
    “That could have been a red herring,” Angie said.  Everybody fell silent, knowing it was the truth.
    “Okay, you help.  How soon you find Yulia?  Angie tell me they will be good to her.  But I love her more.  She needs me.” Angie gave the young girl a hug.  Dasha was stiff in her arms, and she knew why.  She was close to falling apart and didn’t want risk breaking down.
    “I need your help,” Finn said to the girl.
    “I need you to tell me everything that happened when they took your baby.”
    “How that help?”
    “Any little thing you might remember could be important.  When did you have your baby?  How long before you were rescued?”
    Angie watched as Dasha considered Finn’s question.  A tear ran down her cheek.  “Eighty-two days ago they take my Yulia.  She was so good and quiet in my arms.  I held her all night.  I was so tired, but I no sleep because they will take her from me when I shut my eyes.”  Two more tears dripped down Dasha’s face.  “Yulia is good baby.  She not cry

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