Her Forbidden Rockstar: A Forbidden Rockers Novel

Her Forbidden Rockstar: A Forbidden Rockers Novel by Sarah Robinson Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Forbidden Rockstar: A Forbidden Rockers Novel by Sarah Robinson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Robinson
couldn’t stop the tears that had begun to spill onto her eyelashes. She knew he could see them in now which only upset her more. Saying nothing, she forcefully pushed past him and walked out. Jackie and Aralia were right on her tail, supporting her, but both looking bewildered as to what had just taken place. Logan followed them out into the hall, but didn’t chase her.
    “Caroline! Please!” he called after her. It wasn’t going to do any good, she was already through the double doors, leaving him and his world behind. Caroline didn’t cry over men.

    There was a full line of yellow taxis picking up concert attendees as the three girls added themselves to the line of people waiting. Everyone was dressed in varying degrees of night club clothing, ranging from fishnet stockings to bright neon colors. The girls blended in with their outfits. Caroline was still rocking her skinny leather pants, plus her green top had fallen even further off her shoulder during her encounter with Logan. As they slowly inched toward the front of the line, Caroline’s friends couldn’t hold their questions any longer.
    “Are you going to tell us what happened back there? You rushed us out like the place was on fire,” Jackie said to her, Aralia nodding in agreement.
    Caroline faced her friends, dropping her left hip, so her weight was being supported on her right leg. She looked down at her hands, fidgeting again.
    “It really wasn’t that big of a deal. I was just ready to go home,” Caroline attempted to stay vague.
    “Caroline, come on now. Logan Clay, a famous rock star, was calling your name down the hall, as we rushed away, like we were fleeing the scene of a crime. I mean, if your shoe had fallen off, it would be the rock and roll version of Cinderella,” Aralia scoffed back at Caroline, refusing to let the issue drop at vague.
    “I thought we had a moment. I thought there was something there. It was stupid and I should have known better. Just like you said, he is a famous rock star.” Caroline sighed.
    “What does that mean? Shit, Caroline! Did you hook up with Logan Clay? THE Logan Clay?” Jackie interjected, her eyes lit up.

“No! Of course not! I’m not like that. I mean, not really. Okay, there was just a quick moment where I thought we were going to kiss but, I don’t know, we didn’t,” Caroline stammered, trying to explain herself, but struggling to describe something she was just as confused about.
    “Caroline, what happened?” Aralia probed again.
    “I thought something was going to happen between him and I. He gave me this whole speech about how he couldn’t stop thinking about me since we met on Monday. It was all so romantic, I just got caught up. I shouldn’t have let my guard down. Just when I thought something was going to happen, he pulls away and then his fucking bitch girlfriend walks into the room,” Caroline started speaking faster with every syllable she uttered. She felt the anger rushing back to her, sitting like a rock in her stomach that she wanted to grab and throw right at his face.
    “His girlfriend?!” Aralia and Jackie gasped in unison, gaping at her, and begging for further details.
    “Yeah, the girlfriend he didn’t mention. Of course. He is just a player, a stereotypical musician. She walks right in and they kiss right in front of me, then he leaves with her. I mean, the nerve of him to try to seduce me, pretending he has feelings for me, painting a portrait of me, telling me that he never felt this way before. Seriously? What crap! I fell for every word, hook, line, and sinker until Gina walked into the room. BAM, fantasy shattered,” Caroline was ranting now, pacing back and forth in a tight circle.
    “Wait, who is Gina?” Aralia asked.
    “He painted a portrait of you?” Jackie asked at the same time.
    Caroline took a deep breath to calm down. “Gina, his girlfriend. Well he said it was of me, but it’s probably just a ploy he uses to

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