Her Guardian Angel 4-Her Angel Series

Her Guardian Angel 4-Her Angel Series by Felicity Heaton Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Guardian Angel 4-Her Angel Series by Felicity Heaton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Felicity Heaton
Tags: Angels
he wasn’t
going to get back up. She had almost gone to him but then instinct
had kicked in and reminded her that Mike had been intent on
fighting Marcus. He must have been drunk. Only an idiot would pick
a fight with Marcus if they were sober, and Mike wasn’t that
stupid. He should have known he didn’t stand a chance.
had a seriously cut physique, lithe muscles that radiated strength
and raw masculinity.
    Once she
had noticed that he was topless, it had been difficult not to
stare. The few times that she had managed to peel her eyes off his
body and found the courage to meet his, he had been looking at her
with wide pupils darkening his amazing eyes, a sure sign of
    So why
had he been so quick to snatch his hand away from hers?
almost laughed at herself. Since when had she given a damn about
what men thought of her? Men were trouble. Mike had hammered that
nail so firmly into her head that she had got the message this
time. Men were something she could live without and that life would
certainly be a lot easier and less painful than hers had been up to
this point.
    Her eyes
betrayed her and snuck back to Marcus. He sat opposite her with his
head tilted back and eyes on the sky. The lines of his defined jaw
led her gaze up to his square chin and sensual mouth and her pulse
picked up, jittery in its beat, when she licked her lips and
contemplated what kissing him would be like. He lowered his head,
their eyes met and then he looked away, an air of irritation about
    She had
taken his hand last night when icing his knuckles and he hadn’t
reacted so coldly then. If anything, the desire in his eyes had
increased. What had happened between then and today? Had she said
or done something wrong? She could have sworn that she had read the
signals right and that Marcus liked her. Now she felt as though a
vast frigid ocean had opened between them and that she would drown
if she tried to traverse it to reach him.
wanted to.
night had opened her eyes to the fact that there was a fantastic
man living next door to her and since then she had felt tied up in
knots, twisted inside out and back to front. She had never been
backwards about being forward before but something about Marcus
made her hesitate. It wasn’t just because he would think she was
rebounding. It was because he seemed like a nice guy, a cut above
gorgeous in looks and personality, and she didn’t want to screw
things up. He had been on her mind all day and she had tried to
think of a way to bump into him again so she could strike up a
conversation and get to know him better. When she had spotted him
outside their building, it had felt as though fate had brought them
together, but her nerve had failed at the sight of him standing
staring at the floor as though it was the most fascinating thing in
the world. He hadn’t heard her at first. It had taken her three
attempts before he had lifted his head and noticed her, and by then
her confidence had been shattered. Had he been thinking
rolled her eyes at her thoughts. As if. The poor man was
sleep-deprived thanks to her terrible choice in men. He had
probably been spacing out just as she had said he was, unable to
function with only a few hours sleep. When he had gone back to his
own apartment half an hour after she had iced his left hand, she
hadn’t heard a peep out of him until gone six in the morning when
there had been some movement next door. She hadn’t been able to
sleep herself. Fear had kept her awake and she had watched one
movie after another in an attempt to push it to the back of her
mind. She was running on empty today, half asleep and feeling as
though what had been a dream was turning into a
leaned one elbow on the metal table and stared at Marcus, studying
the nuances that crossed his handsome face as he watched the people
passing them by on the pavement. For all she knew, Marcus was Mr
Right for someone

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