Her Heart-Stealing Cowboys [Hellfire Ranch 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Her Heart-Stealing Cowboys [Hellfire Ranch 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Jennifer August Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Heart-Stealing Cowboys [Hellfire Ranch 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Jennifer August Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer August
Tags: Romance
but she could tell he was rugged and rough and wild.
    She wondered if he was like that in all aspects of his life. She stumbled again, trying to shove the sudden salacious thoughts from her mind.
    “Careful there. Wouldn’t want to ruin those spiffy boots.”
    Rebecca looked down at her cowboy boots. She’d bought them just for this trip and loved them. Diamond cut-outs in the tan leather revealed snazzy pops of turquoise snakeskin. She looked back up at him. “I like them.”
    She caught all sorts of snarky Yankee commentary in that single utterance. Her anger simmered.
    Tag dug into his pocket then withdrew a large key ring. “My car is right over there.” He pressed a button on the fob and the lights on a low-slung, yellow Charger flashed. He set her bags down then unlocked the trunk. Inside she caught a glimpse of an oblong, gray box secured to the left side.
    “What’s that?”
    He shoved her big suitcase as far into the trunk as it would go. “Gun safe.”
    She nodded. That made sense, him being the sheriff and all.
    He put the small bag in the trunk. “I don’t think the rest are going to fit.” He stared at the other two suitcases. “Just how long do you think this is going to take?”
    She shrugged. “That depends.”
    He sighed and picked one up then opened the passenger door. He bent over and half-disappeared into the car. She couldn’t help but study his long legs and well-shaped butt. His jeans were light and cupped him with an old familiarity. Like he’d worn them for years.
    They looked good on him.
    “If you’re done ogling me, can I have your last bag?”
    Rebecca silently handed it over and wondered if they had earthquakes in Texas. Preferably one large enough to split the ground and swallow me whole.
    She really should just climb back into Liam’s plane and return to Boston.
    Tag straightened up and draped his arm on the roof of the car. “Thinking about running?”
    Her eyes widened. “No,” she snapped. “I don’t run. From anything.”
    He didn’t offer any snappy comeback but raked her with an intense stare. She lifted her chin and met his scrutiny with every bit of poise instilled in her body. Finally he gave a tight, single nod.
    “Good. Get in.”
    She clambered into the car and slammed the door shut. All the air leached from her lungs at the stark heat.
    Tag folded himself into the car. She noted how his blond head nearly grazed the metal jamb but didn’t. He was obviously used to fitting his tall length to the car.
    “Open your door,” he said and twisted the key in the ignition.
    Hot air blew into her face and she gasped again. How do they stand this inferno?
    Tag reached across her lap and shoved the door open. The relief was immediate but her thighs tingled from his brief touch.
    “Good rule of thumb in the middle of Texas summer—keep your doors open when you first start the car. It helps circulate the air. Course we’re just in May so this is pretty mild.”
    “I’ll keep that in mind in the unlikely event I ever return during summer.”
    “Depends on what?”
    Rebecca blinked at the sudden turn in conversation. His expression had gone from teasing to serious with no warning.
    She reached for the seatbelt and winced as the metal tab burned her palm. “How long it takes will depend on several things. Mostly, whether or not you’re actually charged in the crime. The prisoner was just killed last night, but Boone said the circumstantial evidence pointing toward you was pretty hefty.”
    Boone’s nine a.m. phone call had been terse and filled with anger. He’d asked her to come and see what she could do in the event Tag was charged with the murder of his prisoner. After she called Deidre and explained the situation, she’d showered and hopped a ten-a.m. plane bound for Texas. Six hours later and she was melting in the sun and squirming under the intense gaze of Sheriff Taggart Cain. She hadn’t expected him to be so damn handsome.
    Not that it

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