Her Officer in Charge

Her Officer in Charge by Maggie Carpenter Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Officer in Charge by Maggie Carpenter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maggie Carpenter
the stupidest girl on the planet. Scott, I should have listened to you. What’s wrong with me?
    Closing her eyes, she felt the threat of tears, but somehow managed to swallow them back, and as the long minutes ticked by, she came to accept her fate. Whatever the handsome captain had in store for her, she’d just have to accept it.

Chapter Seven
    Vince the marine captain and Vince the man both needed to think. While her reasons for returning had completely captured his imagination and stirred his dominant soul, he had a responsibility to report back to the major. The problem was, the major would probably inform the colonel, and the colonel could have Bella arrested.
    The secret group she had returned to watch was merely a handful of like-minded couples who would gather after celebratory events for some fun and games, and Vince, being the only single member, would often keep watch. When he was tasked with being in charge of having Bella and Scott observed while on the base, he’d decided not to cancel the after-party festivities. He could manage the job just as easily from the small office at the venue while his friends enjoyed themselves, as he could from anywhere else.
    When he’d received word that Bella had jumped out of the Mustang and was headed in his direction, he’d been shocked, but now that he had uncovered her reasons for doing so, he didn’t doubt her veracity for a moment. Though operatives came in many guises, he was sure she was exactly who she claimed to be. An innocent young woman who had made a very poor choice.
    Returning to the main room, he poured himself a glass of wine, then sat down on a couch to think things through. The attraction he’d felt the first moment he’d seen her had mushroomed as he’d watched her show, kindling his decision to pursue her, and sitting in the dimly lit room, listening to the sultry music, he realized his desire to have her in his life had become potent. When he’d had her handcuffed to the chair in the office, the provocative sight had made it difficult to stay focused, and the idea of having her wrapped in rope and at his mercy began to fill his thoughts.
    I can see you tied over my bed so clearly. I’d put you in a spreader bar, then sit behind you and tease you into oblivion. You’d love it, I know you would. You may come across as an independent, strong woman, and you are, but you’re also a sensitive, vulnerable girl who wants to be taken in hand.
    The chime of his phone interrupted his thoughts, and pulling it from his pocket, he saw it was one of his surveillance team.
    “Sir, Scott Bateman has left the base. He drove around for a few minutes but he didn’t stop anywhere, just did several U-turns before finding the road to the main gate.”
    “I see. Who’s tailing him back to his motel?”
    “Brooks, sir.”
    “Thank you.”
    Thinking about the information he’d just received, Vince switched gears and focused back on his operation and Scott Bateman, a man he believed was a likely suspect.
    If I were him, what would I do? I wouldn’t risk anything with Bella on the loose. If she were picked up, I’d be seriously compromised. I’d be off the base quickly, but a few minutes of recon wouldn’t be out of the question. I’d wait until she called me to pick her up, and if the opportunity presented itself, that’s when I’d make my move. So, he’s done exactly what I would have. The colonel was right about that background check, it was too thin.
    “A penny?”
    Startled, he looked up and saw Fred Capshaw, a first lieutenant and one of his best friends. Vince had recruited him to be his right-hand man, and Fred was the only other person in his immediate circle who knew about the security breach, and that Bella Montgomery and Scott Bateman were under suspicion.
    “Hey, Fred.”
    “Do you need to be alone, or can I join you?”
    “Please, yes, sit,” Vince sighed. “Where’s Diane?”
    “Tied up and waiting,” Fred smiled. “Have

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