Hidden Magic

Hidden Magic by K.D. Faerydae Read Free Book Online

Book: Hidden Magic by K.D. Faerydae Read Free Book Online
Authors: K.D. Faerydae
you, how did you get on with hand-feeding the bunny?”
    â€œVery well, thanks. He ate on his own and then I let him go so he could get back to his family.”
    â€œWell done, Grace, you most definitely saved that little chap’s life. Maybe you would like to come and work for me when you’re older, you’d make a great vet.”
    â€œYesss pleeease, I’d love that.” Grace beamed.
    Grace buckled up and the car pulled away.
    Mary bopped her head and wiggled her bum in time to the rap song about big butts.
    â€œAAAAAGGGHHHH, MUM!” cried Grace.
    As their car approached Cherry Blossom Close and the woodland trees that enveloped it, Mary was still singing along to the radio and Grace firmly held her head in her hands in embarrassment. Neither of them noticed the ginger fur and shredded remains of Raffles that were entangled above them in the twigs and branches of the woodland treetops.

*Liberty Realm*

Chapter 9
The race

    Chester had fallen asleep, nestled within Zavier’s thick silver mane. When he awoke, it was to the smell of sea salt in the air and the sound of waves crashing onto Serenity Beach’s golden sand. He climbed up Zavier’s mane and perched on his head, stretched out his wings and let out a long yawn.
    â€œWhat time of day is it?” Chester asked Zavier.
    â€œWe still have a couple of hours’ sunlight left,” Zavier replied. “We are going to gallop to the beach house at the far end of the beach. Are you going to ride with us or are you going to fly solo?” he asked the little robin.
    â€œI think I’ll fly, I need to stretch my wings,” he replied.
    Serenity Sunrise Beach was probably the safest place in all of Liberty. The Nomeds rarely went there. No one really knew why, but it was thought that the salty sea air may be an irritant to their slug-like skin. This meant that the group could relax a little and once they had found Pelagia, they could enjoy a brief but well-earned rest.
    â€œI’ll race you all to the beach house, last one there is on fire-building duty!” yelled Tobias, knowing that without Ezekiel there, he was probably the fastest in the group and would therefore get out of building the fire.
    The Halfses lined up along the sand.
    â€œWhy are we doing this? Just tell Tobi he can damn well build the fire himself,” grumbled Aaron.
    â€œOh Aaron, don’t be such a grump. Tobi is young and excitable. Don’t you remember when you were that age?” Jazmine said, nuzzling the stallion’s neck.
    Her huge dark eyes melted Aaron’s heart every time!
    â€œI suppose,” he said, nuzzling her back.
    Chester flew above the line of Halfses.
    â€œOn the count of three,” he said. “One, two, three.”
    A cloud of sand gathered behind the Halfses as they raced into a thunderous gallop along the sandy beach. Their fatigue was forgotten as their natural urge for speed and the need to gallop freely in the sand took over. As predicted, Tobias led the race, followed closely by April.
    Lettitia loved the water and she galloped in and out of the surf, really not bothered if she won or lost the race. Hazel and Zavier kept a steady pace behind April. Jazmine and Aaron were at the back, not because they were the slowest in the group but because Jazmine found it amusing to nip at Aaron’s tail, playfully trying to distract him and slow him down. The beach house was in sight, just across the approaching estuary. Tobias was still in the lead position. The wind was rushing against his face as he raced across the sand. He continually glanced back, checking that the others weren’t gaining on him. Big mistake! He was looking behind at the others when he entered the estuary, its uneven, rocky surface caused him to lose his balance and he stumbled into the shallow water, falling onto his side. His body created a wave as its momentum continued to push him forwards, before he came to rest in

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