High Card: A Billionaire Shifter Novel (Lions of Las Vegas Book 1)

High Card: A Billionaire Shifter Novel (Lions of Las Vegas Book 1) by May Ellis Daniels Read Free Book Online

Book: High Card: A Billionaire Shifter Novel (Lions of Las Vegas Book 1) by May Ellis Daniels Read Free Book Online
Authors: May Ellis Daniels
Summer Mason, but simply afraid for my family pride and my investment. But I remember holding Summer in the alley. Her lovely green-brown eyes that seemed to swallow me up. Her anger and fear were obvious.  
    But was there something more there? A…feeling? An attraction?  
    I think so. It was in how she scented beneath the cheap perfume. How my animal responded to her presence. Demanding her. It’s been a very long while since I’ve experienced that need with any Wildblood lion female.
    It’s never happened with a human.
    It’s not supposed to. Wildblood and human relations are biologically doomed. Worse, human-shifter unions are a crime the Council punishes with death—
    These thoughts, tangled up in my need to hide my arousal from my sister and pride and my worry about Blake, make my stomach fill with churning nastiness.  
    Rachael’s watching me. Intently.  
    Like she scents something’s not quite right—  
    Then she sighs. Plucks at the jewels on her rings. Sapphire, mostly. Rachael says it reminds her of the open sky. She also misses the wilds, although she’ll never admit it. She walks around her desk and settles on the edge right in front of me. She’s wearing a black gown that highlights her close-cropped blonde hair. A lovely gold and sapphire necklace completes the ensemble. She has quick eyes and our father’s proud nose. She’s pretty in an intelligent, even severe way. “Blake’s trying, Landon. You might be his younger brother, but you have no idea how much he looks up to you.”
    Shit. Everything comes back to Blake.  
    “You didn’t see him. He almost turned. In public .”
    Another crime punishable by death—
    Rachael nods. “Let me talk to him.”
    “No. You’ll let him off too easy.”
    “Oh? Then what do you propose? We turn him into the Council—”
    “I have more loyalty to family than that,” I snap.  
    “What, then?”
    I look out over the indoor jungle. See the zip lines snaking through the trees. No one’s on them at this hour, but tomorrow they’ll be filled with patrons zipping through the jungle canopy. Having the time of their lives. A sudden pang of envy drills into me.  
    “It was a mistake,” I say, very quietly.
    “Pardon me?”
    “All of this. The casino. My hope it would bring the pride together. That was my hubris. It’s only opening night. And already—”
    “You have a flair for brooding, Landon. I’ll speak with him. Blake will settle down. Trust me.”
    Trust me.
    “And if not?”
    “Give me a chance, Landon. That’s all I’m asking.”
    “If not I do it myself. I’ve beaten my brother down to where he belongs once before. I’ll do it again if I have to.”
    “I’m certain you will. We’re all certain of that.”
    There’s a sneer of condemnation in my sister’s voice. They blame me for the strife in the family. Always have. I don’t understand why, except that there’s some kind of natural instinct to protect the weaker members of a pride. Not to mention Blake has our matriarch of a mother wrapped around his finger. It’s part of what made me move to Europe and start Blue Line. I needed away from them. Some time to sort shit out for myself.
    It didn’t work. You can’t outrun family.  
    I think about what I want to say next. A question’s been hanging between my sister and I for months. There’s no way of asking it without implicating her in the scheme I suspect Blake of. Problem is that’s all it is right now: a suspicion. There’s no evidence Blake is working to undermine me, and certainly nothing approaching proof. But I have to ask.  
    “Where’d he get it?”
    “Get what?”
    “The money. To buy his share of the casino. Blake’s never had a dime to his name. Then he shows up with three million and the casino proposal. Without that buy-in I never would have agreed to the proposal.”
    Rachael gives me her corporate accountant frown. She’s damn good at what she does for my businesses. Manages my accounts,

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