High Stakes Seduction - Book 3

High Stakes Seduction - Book 3 by Ami LeCoeur Read Free Book Online

Book: High Stakes Seduction - Book 3 by Ami LeCoeur Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ami LeCoeur
ship, the sounds from the nightclub filled our ears.
    "How about a nightcap?" Antonio suggested.
    I recognized the song from the radio, though I wasn’t familiar with the artist or the name of it. It didn’t matter. I was enjoying being close to Antonio, and the thought of being in his arms, even on the dance floor, was enough to convince me.
    The club wasn't terribly crowded and we found a small table off to the side. I looked around at the patrons as Antonio went to the bar to get us some drinks.
    "Angela! You followed us!" came a familiar voice from behind me.
    I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up as Julian called back to his friends, "Hey guys—look who's here!"
    I smiled over at the two others sitting behind me, and waved in greeting.
    "Come on," Julian said, taking my hand. "Dance with me."
    He pulled me up and out onto the dance floor in spite of my laughing protests.
    I have to admit, I love to dance, and the beat was infectious. Luckily, Julian wasn't such a bad dancer. What he lacked in style, he made up for in enthusiasm, grabbing my hand and twirling me around nearly every chance he got.
    Then he insisted on another dance since we'd gotten out on the floor not long before the song ended. That was fine with me, I was having a good time.
    Before we could head back to the table, Scott was there, playfully pushing Julian out of the way and pulling me back out onto the dance floor. Some techno-beat song came on and he moved into a strange rendition of a robotic-movement dance that had me laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants. Obviously, this guy loved being the comedian of the group.
    Antonio was waiting for me as Scott returned me to the table, his face unreadable in the dim light. Scott bent over my hand, thanking me for the dance and headed back to his friends.
    "Whew," I said, fanning my face with my hand. "Those boys sure can dance."
    "You weren't so bad yourself," came the reply.
    I laughed. "I always loved to dance. When we were young, Maria and I used to make up dances for our parents." Maria. I hadn't talked to her in a couple of days—I needed to make sure I called tomorrow.
    I took a welcome sip of the cold drink, letting it slip down my throat, then slid the side of the glass across my flushed cheek.
    "Thanks for the drink. Why don't you join me on the dance floor?" I asked, giving him a coy, sideways glance and grin.
    "This music isn’t really my style. Maybe if something slower comes on."
    That thought sent a delicious shiver right through me. Before I could say anything, though, my friends were back, this time with Andy in tow.
    "Hey, Andy wanted to have a dance with you, too, but he was too shy to ask," Scott grinned.
    "So we told him we'd ask, but then you'd have to dance with all of us," Julian chimed in. Andy stood there, red-faced but hopeful.
    I turned to Antonio, raising my eyebrows.
    He shrugged and grinned good-naturedly. "Take good care of my lady friend," he told the younger men and shooed us off.
    I finished off my drink, and, the warm buzz of the alcohol fueling me, headed onto the dance floor with my new friends.
    I was a bit more intoxicated than I was used to, and I knew the boys had had their fair share. My inhibitions were holding on by a thread as they wrapped themselves around me, gliding in and out of our little circle, getting a little braver, even under Antonio’s gaze in the distance.
    I have to admit I was having a blast on the dance floor. The fact that the boys were enjoying it and kind of egging me on bolstered my resolve to be bolder with Antonio.
    A hand would brush my back, or rest on my hips. One of them would lean in, another would twirl me into his arms and then out into one of the others'. I loved every moment of their attention, and even though I thought of them as "boys", I knew I wouldn’t have to do much to get anything I wanted from them. That feeling of control was as intoxicating as the liquor coursing through my system and the "new me" was drinking

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