High Stakes Seduction - Book 3

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Book: High Stakes Seduction - Book 3 by Ami LeCoeur Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ami LeCoeur
it all in.
    Some part of me knew I could have Scott, Andy, or Julian with just a crook of my finger—hell, I could have all three of them at once, if I wanted! I almost laughed, I'd never had such kinky thoughts before. But they were only passing thoughts. I didn’t want any of them, no matter how much I enjoyed the adoration.
    The only man I wanted was sitting at a table in the dark, watching me dance. And that, of course, brought up even sexier thoughts and memories.
    The music shifted into a slow song, and the guys moved in closer, almost vying with each other.
    "My turn, fellas." Antonio seemed to pluck me right out of their tight little circle as if by magic. He pulled me closer and I felt his manhood pressing into me. I looked into his eyes, seeing his hunger growing as he pressed harder against me.
    The boys protested, trying to convince Antonio to give them a little more time with me. I was literally being fought over! It was new to me, and loved it.
    Antonio leaned down and whispered, "Time to go, Angela." There was an edge to his voice. I looked up into his face and knew my evening with the guys was over.
    "You have yourself a good night," Scott said, as Antonio and I walked past them.
    Julian leaned in to kiss me chastely on the cheek. "A really good night," he said meaningfully.
    "Thanks for the dance," said Andy.
    "Thank you, guys, for a fun evening!" I winked at them, grinning as I looked up at Antonio, his arm still around my waist. His eyes had that hooded look I found unreadable, but that was nothing new. I saw the muscle tighten in his jaw, though, and he pulled me even closer.
    I even began to tremble a little as I became acutely aware of the throbbing ache between my thighs. I was almost afraid to hope what else the night might have in store for us.

Chapter Sixteen
    The music drifted up from Antonio’s phone.
    "You wanted to dance? Then dance for me." Antonio slid his hands down my naked arms, sending shivers through me.
    The sultry saxophone playing the same melody he’d put on when he’d first asked me to dance for him. This time, it wasn't a request so much as a statement.
    But I felt no hesitation in complying with his demand. The warm ache within me had only increased as we’d walked back to our room in silence, and the alcohol ensured that there were no doubts or reservations to stop me now.
    Antonio sat in the overstuffed lounge chair in the main room, leaning back, arms crossed with his chin resting on a fist.
    The desire was already deep under my skin and I let the music take me, swaying my hips. I turned my back to him, running my hand down my braid, slipping off the band at the bottom. Then I ran my fingers through my hair, slowly pulling the braid apart, and letting the tresses fall onto my back. I shook my head, enjoying the soft, feathery feeling along my neck. Then I reached behind me and pulled my hair up, piling it on top of my head. I looked back over my shoulder at Antonio, then let my hair drop as I swung around to face him.
    My fingers caressed my skin, running my palms over my shoulders, slipping fingers under the thin straps of my dress and tugging them gently, one at a time, releasing them from my shoulders. I let the straps fall, exposing my naked breasts, swollen and aching with desire. I looked down as I brushed my fingers over my hard little nipples, a soft moan escaping my lips as my eyelids fluttered closed for an instant.
    I opened my eyes, but just barely, enough to make sure I didn't miss a moment of Antonio’s reaction. His lips were parted slightly and I saw the steady rise and fall of his chest. His hunger drove me on in a primal, wordless demand and I ran my palms down my stomach, smoothing the fabric and tugging at my hem. The thin fabric slid over my hips and the dress fell into a puddle on the ground. I stepped out of it and moved purposefully toward him, swaying and thrusting my hips to the rhythm, bending, arching my back, undulating my body—making

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