His Desire, Her Surrender

His Desire, Her Surrender by Malia Mallory Read Free Book Online

Book: His Desire, Her Surrender by Malia Mallory Read Free Book Online
Authors: Malia Mallory
redone shortly before she passed away."
    Tabitha squeezed his hand. "I'm sorry, Marcus."
    Marcus faltered. "So am I. She was a loving woman and a great mother. I was lucky." He led her through the great room and out the sliding glass doors. The smooth surface of the pool sparkled under the light of the setting sun. "I have many fond memories of this pool. I was a swimmer in high school. We still barbeque here frequently."
    Flowering hedges bordered the pool area. Flagstone tiles formed the pool deck, their colors matching the fabric cushions on the chaises. Tabitha marveled at the beauty of the space. "It's lovely."
    Marcus pointed to a small building past the pool. "There are showers and changing rooms in there. We can take a swim later or tomorrow."
    Tabitha worried her lip. "I didn't bring a suit."
    "Don't worry. We can skinny dip."
    Tabitha playfully punched him. "You'd like that, wouldn't you."
    "Why, yes, I would. There are extra suits in the pool house, if you want them."
    He steered her back inside. "Most of the bedrooms are upstairs." They climbed the staircase.
    Tabitha motioned down the hallway. "Which one is yours?"
    "You mean from when I was younger?"
    Marcus pointed. "At the end of the hall, but they've all been redecorated."
    Tabitha's face clouded. "That's disappointing. I thought it might give me some insight into you."
    Marcus tilted his head. "You need further insight?"
    Tabitha smiled. "Always."
    "Perhaps I can provide you with some." He led her down the hall, opening a door.
    Tabitha entered the room. In the dimness, she recognized the outline of a canopy bed in the center.
    "Take off the apron. Get on the bed."
    Tabitha complied, dropping the apron on the floor and spreading herself on the bed, limbs outstretched.
    Marcus surveyed her body. "Perfect."
    Tabitha quivered.
    "You look quite enticing like that." His voice conveyed appreciation.
    Tabitha flashed an inviting smile. "I'm glad you think so, Sir."
    Marcus grinned with anticipation. "I have just the thing to enhance this display."
    "Sir?" Tabitha tried to suppress the curiosity in her voice.
    Marcus didn't respond to her query. He opened a black leather duffle, one of the bags he'd brought for the weekend. "I have a few items I thought we might have fun with." He drew out a black coil and brought it toward her for inspection.
    Tabitha raised herself on her arm. "Rope, Sir?"
    "Yes, but special. Velvet covered."
    Tabitha reached out and handled the loops. They were soft on the surface. Thick, velvet fabric padded the strong line within.
    "Do you want to try it? I've had a vision in my head of you tied to the bedpost. I find it … inspiring." Marcus's voice thickened with arousal.
    Tabitha turned her attention back to Marcus. "How inspiring, Sir?"
    Marcus touched his stirring erection. "Extremely."
    Did she want to be tied to the bedpost? She wasn't afraid. Marcus wouldn't hurt her or take her where she didn't want to go. The rope was strong, and there was a lot of it. She didn't think he planned to fasten only her wrists and ankles.
    "Yes. Yes, Sir." Tabitha granted her permission without reservation, without fear.
    Marcus motioned her. "Come. Kneel in front of the bedpost."
    Tabitha scrambled off the bed and onto the carpet. She kneeled, her back to the bedpost.
    "Cross your ankles behind the post. Put your arms behind it."
    Tabitha complied, her ass pressed up against the circular post. The smooth polished wood braced her back.
    Marcus knelt by her. "Spread your knees."
    Tabitha obeyed, opening her legs to expose her glistening femininity.
    Marcus measured off a length, fingertip to fingertip. He brought the end of the measured length between her legs and looped it around the post, around each ankle, and the post again. With his fingers, he tested to make sure the binding wasn't too tight. "Comfortable?"
    Tabitha tested her bonds. "Yes, Sir."
    Marcus tied off the end of the rope and pulled the main coil up between her legs, laying it

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