His Little Courtesan

His Little Courtesan by Breanna Hayse Read Free Book Online

Book: His Little Courtesan by Breanna Hayse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Breanna Hayse
    "Of course!" Lynette patted the ground.
"I pretend that this is a fairy's house and only other faes can come
inside to visit me. Sit here. The moss is thick and soft."
    "Please forgive my outburst. Your news caught me
by surprise and I reacted poorly."
    "I should ask you for forgiveness." Lynette
took her friend's hand. "I was insensitive to how the news would affect
you. I often forget that others are not accustomed to the things that I find
    "It is a different world to the one I have lived
in all my life."
    "Kick off your shoes and stockings," Lynette
urged. "Enjoy being in this world. It is a beautiful one."
    "It is," Jane answered, digging her bare
toes into the soft ground. "Philip tells me about all the turmoil outside
the palace, but it's so hard to comprehend. I know I sound naïve, but I'm
coming to realize how sheltered I've been all my life."
    "For a long time, I wanted to get out and see the
world. You know, the one beyond the royal sanctuary. One day, I snuck past the
guards and headed towards the city. I didn't know where I was going,"
Lynette said with a sigh, twirling a tiny flower between her fingers, "nor
did I consider what I would do when I got there. I was so young and ignorant
about the things of the world."
    "What happened?"
    "A buggy came by and offered me a ride. I was
tired and accepted, not considering that my clothing indicated wealth, or that
my blonde hair gave away my position as the Raj's English bride. Next thing I
knew, I was being held for ransom in a tiny apartment in the middle of the
    "Oh dear…"
    "I was lucky. This time. They did not harm me,
and Rama tracked them down. It opened my eyes, though. The world really isn't
like this." She swept her hand towards the gardens. "I never wanted
to leave again."
    "Did he punish you?" Jane asked with
    Lynette shook her head. "No. I wish he would
have. I felt guilty for months about the worry I put him and the family
through. He was just grateful I came home unscathed."
    "So now you sneak out to areas where there are
snakes and spiders instead," Jane said with a chuckle.
    "I'd much rather deal with a cobra than a person.
Let's walk a little. I thought I smelled popovers earlier."
      "Lynette? I wanted to ask something
of you," Jane said, linking her arms in the other girl's elbow.
    "I hope it is not to take you to the pond again?
Or outside the gates," Lynette teased. "I heard Daddy was very stern
with you."
    "It was the worst punishment I have ever
experienced. And no less than what I deserved." Jane shuddered. "No,
I was going to ask you to teach me to dance. The way you did at dinner. Would
    "Yes! You would look so beautiful doing the
temple dances. It also helps with your flexibility." Lynette giggled.
"Many of the love positions require that we twist ourselves like a
    "Pretzel? What is that?"
    "I will have Cook make them for you. They are
wonderful. The savory ones covered with salt are from Germany, and the sweet
ones with sugar and cinnamon are from Norway. They are divine."
    "There are so many things I have not learned and
experienced. Things I might never even have known about if Papa had not taken
me here. I need to show more gratitude."
    "You've only just arrived, Janie. Think of the
things you have yet to see!"
    "I look forward to it. Will you teach me
something now? I would like to surprise Papa when we get to the cottage."
    "Let's go into the hedges. No one can see us
there," Lynette suggested, grabbing Jane's hand and running into the small
garden maze built from tall bushes.
    They'd been there for an hour before they heard
Philip's voice booming through the yard.
    "Jane! Jane Amelia! Where are you, young lady?
Now is not the time to play hide and seek! Jane!"
    "Uh oh," Jane giggled, her hip hitched in a
dipping position as Lynette tried to show her some dance moves. "I was
supposed to come right back after I finished making amends."
    "You aren't going to get spanked again,

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