Honor-Bound Groom

Honor-Bound Groom by Yvonne Lindsay Read Free Book Online

Book: Honor-Bound Groom by Yvonne Lindsay Read Free Book Online
Authors: Yvonne Lindsay
explained.” Loren unfolded her legs, threw them over the edge of the bed and rose to her full height.
    Barefoot, the top of her head barely even reached his shoulder, and dressed as she was she gave an almost childlike impression. But there was nothing childlikein her demeanor, nor in the very female brand of dissatisfaction reflected in her eyes. He was reminded of the times he’d upset his mother. Never one to raise her voice, she’d only needed a look such as this to put him in his place.
    â€œI would have been there if I could.” Alex softened his tone. He should have made more effort to be at the arrival hall. He realized that now. He’d tried to make things easier for both of them, but instead he’d made matters worse. Still, the situation wasn’t beyond salvaging and now he was determined to recover as much ground as possible.
    â€œI have been looking forward to seeing you this evening,” he said, his voice low.
    He saw pleasure light her eyes and felt an inner relief as her full lips curved into a smile.
    â€œSo have I,” she said shyly, dropping her gaze.
    â€œSo, you will dress for dinner and come down to share our repast?”
    â€œOf course I will. I’m sorry I was a bit cranky. I’m never at my best when I first wake.”
    Alex allowed his mouth to relax into a smile. “I’ll make a special note to remember that for after we’re married.”
    She laughed, a delicious liquid sound that penetrated the last remnants of his temper and scattered them to the corners of the room.
    â€œIt might pay to.” She smiled. “Now, tonight. What time and where? I’m assuming your family still dresses for dinner?”
    She must have been half-asleep already when Giselle told her, he decided.
    â€œYes, we change for dinner. We meet for drinks inthe salon usually about eight and dine at nine. Late, I know, if you aren’t used to it anymore.”
    â€œOh, don’t worry, I’ll acclimate. Will you take me down?”
    â€œYou no longer remember where the salon is?” He cocked a brow at her.
    â€œOf course, I don’t imagine the castillo has changed all that much. I just…” She worried her lower lip with perfect white teeth. “No, don’t worry. I’ll meet you there at eight.”
    Alex dropped a chaste kiss on Loren’s upturned face and moved away before the disappointment he sensed in her encouraged him to take more. Now that she was here and they were on the verge of achieving his goal of settling the governess’s curse, there was no need to rush into anything. There would be plenty of time to kiss her the way he wanted—after they were married.
    â€œGood girl. I’ll see you there.”
    Loren watched her door close behind Alex’s back and she fought the urge to stomp her foot in frustration. Now she was here he’d reverted to treating her like a child. Gone was the attentive lover who’d wooed her back in New Zealand. In his place was the old Alex she remembered so well. Slightly indulgent and full of the importance of his role as eldest son.
    Well, she’d show him she was no infant to be coddled. Her body still hummed with her reaction to the soft kiss he’d pressed in her palm to wake her. Just one small caress and she’d shot to full wakefulness, her joy in seeing him only to be dashed by his reminder of her duty to be at some formal dinner tonight.
    She knew they still adhered to the old ways, ways she’d taken for granted until moving to New Zealandwith its more casual approach to lifestyle and mealtimes, but she’d hoped for a private dinner with her new fiancé. It wasn’t so much to have expected, was it? Surely Alex’s grandfather would have granted them this first night alone together?
    There was nothing for it now, though, she reminded herself as the chime from an antique ormolu clock in her sitting room chimed the half

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