Hope (Other World Protection Agency Book 1)

Hope (Other World Protection Agency Book 1) by Serena Simpson Read Free Book Online

Book: Hope (Other World Protection Agency Book 1) by Serena Simpson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Serena Simpson
looking more like an angel of death than a Good Samaritan.
    “We want to go.” Paul was looking
determined, they would be going.
    Tara nodded her head knowing she
was not going to win this one.
    “Come on boys and girls its field
trip time.”
    Taking them both by the hand they
disappeared. Not through a door, but simply gone one minute as if everything
stopped, to reappear the next sitting in the back of a car. It was an older
model four door car. The driver was a young man. He had to be early twenties Tara
was thinking. The girl in the passenger seat was around his age.
    “They can’t see us. And all we
can do is see them. Which means there can be no interaction and no interfering
with whatever happens.” There was a look on Charon’s face that was unreadable
and hard.
    “Why are we here?”
    “Watch and see.”
    “Everything is going to be
alright. You’ll see.” The young woman had turned to face the driver giving Tara
a good look at her face. She was definitely early twenties with a very pregnant
belly. She had green eyes with very pale skin and a short mop of red curls. She
was cute. She would never be a cover girl, but she could break a couple of
hearts if she wanted to.
    Stopping at the red light, he
turned to face her. “We deserve some good baby. We have gone through a lot. It
looks like junior here will be fine too.” His hair was dark, more of a black
and he possessed nice brown eyes. They made a cute couple that seemed to be
just starting out.
    She held up her hand. “Soon I
will be Mrs. Johnson.”
    He smiled with such joy that Tara
almost felt like a letch, watching something that was not meant for public
    “I love you so much baby. I can’t
wait.” They were already rolling again and the happiness in the car was
overwhelming. Looking both ways he merged on the parkway taking them away from
the city.
    Tara cast Charon a puzzled look. He
simply smiled and mouthed just wait.
    They young mother- to- be placed
her hand over her child. “Our bundle of joy. Our future. Our hope.” She rubbed
her belly in soft circles before the car lurched for no reason. He jerked the
steering wheel getting control of it again.
    “I think we better have this
thing checked out.” The future Mrs. Johnson said still smiling happily.
    Tara had stopped listening. Standing
on the hood of the car was Raimel. He could see her, just like she could see
him. With slow deliberate movements he brought his sword out and over his head.
    Tara and Paul tried to move. They
were frozen, unable to move anything besides their mouths.
    “What the hell is he about to
do?”  She roared the question at Charon.
    “Stop him!” Paul screamed still
unable to move.
    “I told you there was nothing we
could do, but watch.”
    “Watch? Are you crazy? We have to
do something. We have to stop this. What good is being some almighty door, if
there’s nothing I can do?”
    Tara watched him smirk as the car
continued to pick up speed until he looked at the young mother to be. His smirk
disappeared and hatred blacker than any she had ever seen crossed his face.
With one swift downward swing the sword entered the car’s engine causing it to
    Faster than Tara would have
thought, there was a major accident on the parkway. Cars were swerving and
hitting each other. The car they were in was hit at 70 miles an hour from
behind and shoved into the car in front of it. The man was unconscious and the
woman was screaming. Raimel stepped down off of the car, much like a kid at the
amusement park getting off of a favorite roller coaster with a look of let’s do
that again. He gave Tara a mocking bow and then disappeared.
    “Let me help them. At least until
the paramedics come.”
    “I can’t. It will change how the
time line should be.”
    “I don’t give a damn about the
time line. I am a doctor and I am here. That means I was supposed to help them,
so let me go.”
    Paul was outside of the car as if
he had just walked up.

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