Hot for His Hostage

Hot for His Hostage by Angel Payne Read Free Book Online

Book: Hot for His Hostage by Angel Payne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Angel Payne
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Military
sliced across her face. “I’m not a woman like that.” A little snort followed.
     “Look, I’ve been…curious…in the past, okay? There was a time when I really craved
     the Dominant/submissive thing. I had a boyfriend who even helped me try it all out,
    “And what?” He hated the deep furrow that returned between her brows.
    She shook her head before answering him in a whisper. “I suck at submissiveness, okay?”
    It was all Shay could do not to laugh. “Zoe.” Fuck, how he had to fight at dulling
     the chastisement in it to a gentle roar. “Beautiful, breathtaking Zoe. I find that
     statement harder to believe than a cheap carny psychic.”
     “Sure. Because you know me so well.”
    “Because I know me so well. And I know the parts of me that have definitely awakened to corresponding
     things about you.”
    Her snort turned scornful. “Keep them all in your pants, honey.”
    He allowed her to break free from him, only thinking she needed some breathing space—until
     she stunned him with a parade-perfect pivot and started stomping back down the hall.
     “You really want that, baby girl?”
    He didn’t raise his voice on the growl. As he’d hoped, it didn’t take long to take
     effect, halting her cold in those little boots. Her sassy posture accentuated every
     gorgeous curve of her legs and ass. It all looked even nicer when her spine stiffened.
     His cock enthusiastically followed suit.
    Damn. Their “relationship” wasn’t even at triple digits on its minute count but watching
     his voice have that effect on her, then getting her gorgeous impudence in return,
     only strengthened his impression about this connection they already shared.
    This magic…
    So what if she didn’t see it yet? He’d already resolved to do the fighting for them
     both—and recommitted himself to the cause now. 
    Too bad he was too busy with the mental hooyah to remember one of the shittiest rules-that-weren’t-rules about unconventional warfare.
    The outcome of a battle often hinged on the smallest of actions.
    Like the one Zoe made in the moment he still struggled to take control of his dick,
     force his feet forward, and make his way to her again.
    From one of the pockets hugging that cute backside, she withdrew a room key card.
     Waved it at the door in front of her. The portal beeped and swung in. She didn’t waste
     a second stepping through it. By the time Shay caught up, she’d turned around, one
     hand on the inside light switch, the other on the door. Her gaze returned to its guarded
     anger. Her lips were a tight, hard line.
    Shay clenched his jaw, reining back another growl. It was fucking impossible to fight
     for something with a door slammed in one’s face.
    Nearly slammed.
    “Thank you again,” she murmured, “for the help with Brynn and El. You racked up the
     Good Samaritan points tonight, okay?”
    He risked sliding his toes to the threshold of the room. Then tilting up her face
     with his thumb once more. “I have a lot of those already.” He wasn’t lying. In his
     years with the teams, he’d stopped counting how many kids he’d guided from land mine
     fields, rations he’d passed out to villagers, bullets he’d pried from buddies’ thighs,
     even kittens he’d pulled out of trees. “What if I simply want to cash them in?”
    Her breath hitched. As she let it back out in shaky spurts, he dared pushing a whole
     foot forward.
    She moved her hand from the wall to his shoulder. To push him away? He chose to ignore
     the possibility, and was damn glad he didn’t. The next instant, her fingers curled
     into his sleeve. A visible tremor claimed her.
    Shay moved his other foot into the room. Slid his thumb along her jaw, toward her
     ear. He framed the other side of her face with his index finger, pulling her mouth
     steadily closer.
    “Please,” she whispered.
    He lowered a hand to her waist, tugging her body tighter to his. “I love the way you

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