Hot Proposition (Happy Endings, Contemporary)

Hot Proposition (Happy Endings, Contemporary) by LB James Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Hot Proposition (Happy Endings, Contemporary) by LB James Read Free Book Online
Authors: LB James
doesn't seem
like the kind of guy to kiss and tell. But come on, the way he looks
at you, wow. He seeks you out when he comes into a meeting. You can't
miss it.” She smiled, shook her head. “I know you too well not to
see your reaction to the man. Come on, he's hot—and super sexy.”
She winked.
    “ You've
already said that,” I grumbled. I was uncomfortable with her
bringing my fears to light. I wanted him. But should I, no make that could I, go after him?
    “ Just do it.
I know you want him.” She tipped her head toward the dining area
where Cole sat.
    I placed my
forehead in the palm of my hand, groaned at what I hadn't been able
to hide from her. “Am I that obvious?” I replied weakly, hoping
upon hope Cole hadn't noticed, too.
    With his blue
eyes, dark hair, Cole was the epitome of the term Black Irish. He
always filled out his suits to perfection, and whenever he didn't
wear a jacket, his dress shirt fit snugly across very appealing, very
hard muscles. Even now, having dinner with his co-workers, with his
tie loose and the top button of his shirt undone, I wanted him so
much my pussy all but wept for him. My panties were damp with need,
clung to my swollen folds.
    I wanted to
continue to undo the buttons down the front of his shirt, exposing
his flat stomach, run my nails over his hot skin. Put my mouth on
    “ Of course
not. You've got nerves of
    “ Great. I
like the idea of having nerves of steel, as you put it, for work, but
does a guy really want a woman like that? A woman who has balls in
the boardroom?”
    “ Balls in the
boardroom, but a pussy in her panties.”
    My mouth fell
open at her blunt words.
    “ The only man
who matters is Cole. And he wants you any way he can. He's looking at
you,” she said, leaning in.
    I darted a
glance to his table. Sure enough, his gaze was on me. Something
flared in his eyes, a brightness that wasn't there a moment ago,
something I'd like to think was a look just for me. He turned his
head to respond to someone sitting across from him.
    The connection
was broken, but the sultry heat thickening my blood like syrup
lingered, softened me to requited desire. My nipples were hard tight
points against my lacy bra at just one glance. Did he really want me?
My body certainly wanted him. I took a sip of my drink to cool down.
To stop and remember it was not smart, no, downright stupid, to take
a man from work to bed, no matter how smoking hot he was.
    I left Samantha
in the lobby. She to join some friends from work to hear some jazz at
a nearby club, me to tackle a mountain of work still left unfinished.
Exhaustion threatened my sixty hours a week ethic. But I had
paperwork to read through, calls to return, probably a long list of
emails that needed a reply. Who was I kidding? Sleep could come on
the long plane flight back tomorrow.
    As I approached
the bank of elevators in the lobby, my mind was focused on what
client I needed to tackle first and didn't see Cole standing there
until I was right in front of him.
    “ Oh,” I
gasped, frozen in place. Up close, he looked so much more virile, so
much bigger. I came up to his chin in my heels. His dark hair was
still neatly groomed, and I wondered what it would feel like having
my fingers tangled in it.
    He gave me the
look I'd seen across the restaurant. Up close I noticed his eyes
widen imperceptibly, his jaw tighten. Were his fists clenched at his
    There was no
way I could retreat, no matter how much I wanted to make a run for
it. Flee in any direction where he wasn't. The idea wasn't the least
bit professional. It wasn't nice, and I was being juvenile.
    A ding signaled
and before I could figure out my next move, Cole took a firm grip of
my upper arm and led me into the deserted elevator. I turned around
to face the doors as everyone does. Except for Cole. When I came
around, he was right there, millimeters separated us. I looked at his
stubbly chin, his strong jaw, the dark hairs peeking

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