House of Night 09 - Destined

House of Night 09 - Destined by P.C. Cast Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: House of Night 09 - Destined by P.C. Cast Read Free Book Online
Authors: P.C. Cast
local humans. I think it wise and responsible, especially in these hard economic times. I hope Sgiach follows suit.”
    “That is an excellent idea, Neferet,” Duantia said. “As you are aware, humans have had a steady presence here on San Clemente Island for the past several centuries.” The Vampyre High Priestess smiled. “Since we have become civilized and modern.”
    “As the Tulsa House of Night would like to become, as well,” Neferet said.
    “Well, then. That is decided. The Tulsa House of Night will employ local humans. Rephaim, the red fledglings, and Zoey’s group of students will attend school at the Tulsa House of Night while resting in the tunnels under the depot during the day. I will make a note to speak to the Tulsa City Council about the purchase of the depot.”
    “And what of Zoey’s status as queen and the depot’s allegiance to me and this House of Night?” Neferet asked.
    I held my breath.
    “As I already ruled, I will consult the full High Council on a matter as serious as a young and gifted fledgling being considered a queen, even if just a queen in training. Until a decision can be made, Zoey Redbird and the Tulsa Depot are to be an extension of the Tulsa House of Night.”
    “And thus I remain their High Priestess,” Neferet said.
    Stevie Rae cleared her throat. Our eyes turned to her. “Uh, not to be mean or anything, but if Z’s not gonna be called queen, and we have to have a High Priestess, I’m next in line. My red fledglings need someone like them to understand them. And that’s me. So, call us a branch of the House of Night if ya want, but if there’s a High Priestess over us, then she’s gonna be me.”
    “You make a valid point, young Priestess,” Duantia said with no hesitation, which made me wonder if she’d just been waiting for Stevie Rae to object. “Stevie Rae, until the matter of Zoey Redbird’s standing is settled, you are acting High Priestess of the depot extension of the Tulsa House of Night.”
    “Thank you, ma’am,” Stevie Rae said. “And I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful.”
    Duantia’s sharp features softened as she smiled. “You did not sound disrespectful. You sounded like a High Priestess. Now, if there are no further items of business, I will adjourn to update the other Council Members on these events and decisions.”
    “I’m done,” I said.
    “Yep, me, too,” Stevie Rae said.
    “I believe what we have already accomplished is quite enough for one day,” Neferet said.
    “Excellent. Then I bid you farewell, and wish you all to blessed be.”
    The computer made the weird Skype cutoff noise and the screen went blank.
    “Well, that was quite interesting,” Lenobia said.
    I realized after she’d spoken that she hadn’t said anything for the entire Skype call. It made me wonder about her. I mean, she’d clearly been on my side before against Neferet, but then again, so had Dragon.
    “Yes, interesting is one word to describe what that was,” Neferet said.
    “Congratulations, High Priestess,” I said to Stevie Rae.
    “Yeah, congrats,” Erik said.
    “You was already our High Priestess, but it’s nice they made it official,” Kramisha said.
    “I don’t want him in my class.” Dragon spoke abruptly, totally cutting through the well-wishing.
    I started to open my mouth to defend Rephaim’s right to go to fencing class or whatever, even though it still felt really weird to be defending Rephaim at all, but Stevie Rae’s response surprised and silenced me.
    “I think you’re right. I know this is hard for you, Dragon. How ’bout I ask Darius and Stark to teach some extra classes on knife stuff and whatnot? Rephaim can take those classes.”
    “That is actually a good idea,” Lenobia said. “As every fledgling must take some sort of self-defense class, with the unexpected addition of the red fledglings your classes will be overfilled.”
    “Yeah, we was supposed to be dead. Bein’ undead will screw up class size for

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