How To Seduce A Pirate (The Hawkins Brothers Series)

How To Seduce A Pirate (The Hawkins Brothers Series) by Alexandra Benedict Read Free Book Online

Book: How To Seduce A Pirate (The Hawkins Brothers Series) by Alexandra Benedict Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexandra Benedict
like her
    “Then perhaps
it’s a good thing you posed nude and seduced an innocent lass while he
was at sea.”
    “A boon,
indeed,” he grumbled.
    The woman
laughed, a throaty sound. “I’m not so bothered by your winsome ways. I’m a
pirate’s daughter, remember? I’ve done worse.”
    She winked and
skirted off, and Quincy was glad to know at least one member of his family
wasn’t going to box his ears over his “winsome ways.”
    Once more,
Quincy glanced at his wife, now ensconced with her teenage sister in a tête-à-tête.
Their wedding had been simple. The duke and duchess had escorted the bride to
the church. Edmund had served as groom’s man, young Emma as bride’s maid. The
ceremony had been somber, thus respectable. A wedding announcement would appear
in tomorrow’s broadsheet, saving everyone’s reputation.
    Quincy had done
his duty. And in so doing, he had given away his freedom, his future . . .
    His heart
spasmed again, and he finally recognized the nameless sentiment that afflicted
his soul: loss. He had lost the opportunity to find love. Unlike the rest of
his siblings, he would never have the chance to choose his spouse—and be happy.
    He had given far
too much to his new bride. And he vowed right then he would give her nothing

    Holly sat beside
her sister in the carriage, rattling along the pebbled road. From under her
lowered lashes, she peeked at her strapping husband, sitting in the opposite
squab. He gazed out the window, impervious. He hadn’t said a word during their
journey to her cottage. Emma had prattled about the day, how pretty everyone
had looked, how delicious the food, but even she had grown reticent. And now
the small party of three travelled in total silence.
    Holly wasn’t
sure what to make of the lull. Was her husband fatigued? Angry? Anxious about
their wedding night?
    Her fists
scrunched, Holly unfurled her stiff fingers and released a tense breath. She
was certainly nervous about the wedding night. She had never been with a man.
And to be with this man? She had already seen him naked—every part of
him—and her heart sounded like heavy bell tolls at the intimate thought of
being with him . . . being one with him.
    She removed her
gloves, her fingers moist beneath the fabric. Her lungs cramped and she seemed
starved for air, panting. She tried to hide her unraveling disposition, but her
sister sensed her distress and rubbed her arm.
    “Are you well,
    “I’m fine,” she
whispered, her voice strained.
    Her husband
turned toward her at the remark, his eyes inscrutable under the growing
darkness. But she felt his sharp focus on her. He remained quiet, though, and
soon returned his attention to the bucolic landscape.
    The drive from
London had taken over an hour, and it was dusk by the time they reached the
little house in the country.
    Quincy stepped
out of the vehicle first and extended his hand, supporting the ladies as they
descended the carriage.
    The maid and
gardener, a married, childless pair, emerged from the house and greeted the
newlyweds. The young farm hand, Robert, was also there and quickly assisted the
driver with the luggage.
    Holly glanced at
her husband. “Are you hungry? I had a light supper prepared for our return.”
    “No,” he said softly.
“It’s been a long journey. I’d rather stretch my legs in the garden.”
    He offered her a
curt bow before disappearing between the neatly trimmed hedges and rose bushes.
    She tensed at
his abrupt departure. Why hadn’t he offered her guidance? A simple hint as to
what she should do next?
    After an
indecisive moment, Holly entered the house. She instructed the maid to put away
supper, then directed her husband’s belongings to her bedroom. Emma and Robert
exchanged blushing glances. The maid and gardener exchanged knowing ones.
    Holly’s own
cheeks warmed as she hurried up the crooked stairs to her chamber, unwilling to
endure their ribbing humor. She

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