Hungry Heart: Konigsburg, Texas, Book 8

Hungry Heart: Konigsburg, Texas, Book 8 by Meg Benjamin Read Free Book Online

Book: Hungry Heart: Konigsburg, Texas, Book 8 by Meg Benjamin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Meg Benjamin
licked her lips. It wasn’t like she really needed to explain why she was there.
    He nodded. “She’s good and getting better. Another few months and she’ll probably be too expensive for us.”
    Andy frowned. “I never thought about that. How much do people get paid to sing here?”
    He shrugged. “It varies, depending on how well known they are, how likely to pull in an audience. When she started here, MG got paid with crowd donations. Now she gets a flat fee. When she gets big enough, we’ll start charging a cover and she’ll get a percent of that.”
    “And you figure all of that out?”
    He shrugged again. “Tom and I work on it together, but yeah, I can usually tell who’s going to draw and how much.”
    “Oh,” she said and stopped again. Do not babble. “It seems like a fun thing to do, working with people like MG.”
    “It is. Mostly. Some of the acts aren’t as easy to tolerate, but MG’s okay. She deserves the kind of following she’s getting.”
    Andy nodded, trying desperately to think of something else to talk about, absurdly afraid that he might decide to head back to his spot on the wall if she couldn’t come up with anything interesting. “Art said you helped fix this place up, back when Tom Ames first opened.”
    His brows came together in a frown, which significantly upped his terrifying quotient. She didn’t really want to know what he looked like when he scowled. “I got in early with the Faro. Tom needed help. I needed something to do. It worked out.”
    She smiled a little tentatively. “But you like it here.”
    “I do. It’s turned into something good.”
    She nodded. “It has. I remember it back in the old days. My mom used to cross the street so we wouldn’t walk in front of it when we went to the library.”
    “Us too.” He shook his head. “My pop told us he’d skin us alive if he caught us within a hundred yards of the place.” He grinned suddenly, his teeth white against the dark moustache and goatee.
    The grin didn’t exactly transform his face, but it made it…interesting. Andy felt a sudden tension in her midsection that hadn’t been there before. Interesting is right.
    “So what do you do for the TCEQ?” he asked, leaning his forearms on the table.
    She sighed. “A little of everything these days. We’re really short handed. When you found me that night I was collecting water samples to take them back to the lab so we could analyze them to make sure they weren’t contaminated.”
    “Do you do the analysis too?”
    She shook her head. “Once upon a time I was in the lab. Now I’m more an administrator.”
    His brows came together again. “You’re a scientist?”
    All of a sudden she heard her ex-husband’s voice in her memory. Oh yeah, my wife, great little scientist. Her shoulders tensed again. “Yeah, I’m a chemist. Only now I do most of my work on a computer.”
    He looked at her again for another long moment, then the grin was back. “Cool. I liked chemistry back in school.”
    “Lots of boys do.” She shrugged. “Blowing things up, I guess.”
    His grin widened. “There is that. What did you like about it?”
    She leaned back in her chair, considering. “I like the way you can take things apart into their basic pieces. And then predict what will happen when you put them back together. Plus with environmental science you’re always dealing with the question of what’s going on and why.” She let herself grin again. “And sometimes I get to blow things up.”
    “Very cool.” He watched her for a long moment, his eyes dark in the twilight of the beer garden.
    Andy felt that flutter around her midsection again. Maybe it was time for a strategic retreat. “I guess I’d better head home. I’ve got to drive to Austin tomorrow.”
    He narrowed his eyes. “Did you drive here?”
    She shook her head. “I walked. It’s a nice night.”
    His eyes stayed narrow. “This may be Konigsburg, but it’s still not a great place for a woman

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