Hungry Heart: Part One (Hungry Heart #1)

Hungry Heart: Part One (Hungry Heart #1) by Violet Haze Read Free Book Online

Book: Hungry Heart: Part One (Hungry Heart #1) by Violet Haze Read Free Book Online
Authors: Violet Haze
down on the table and smile. “Hi. I’ve heard a lot about you in the last three days.”
    Leaning forward with her hands clasped and elbows on the table, her cheerful grin gives me the impression she’s a rather joyful person. I can see why Ethan likes her. “Have you? Same here ‘cuz Ethan’s told me so much about you! And y’all look so much alike.”
    “Yeah, we get that a lot.”
    When she sighs, it has a dreamy quality to it, and she hooks her arm around Ethan’s while leaning into him. “Y’all are so lucky. I grew up all over the place, so didn’t have the chance to spend time with one person.”
    My phone buzzes, but I ignore it in the spirit of being polite. “Why’s that? Military brat?”
    “Ha! No. My parents just liked traveling the world so they homeschooled me and took me along with ‘em. It was kinda cool honestly.”
    “Neat.” Glancing at Ethan to find him one hundred percent focused on her, I lean back in my chair and ask, “So how d’you know Benedict?”
    “Who?” Her confusion only lasts a moment before she laughs and says, “Oh! Right. Gosh, he’s friends with my brother, they met as freshmen in college. So I’ve known him forever, like, since I was nine.”
    When my phone goes off once more, she points at it and smiles wide. “You should probably get that. Somebody obviously wants to get ahold of you awful bad.”
    “Yeah.” Picking it up, I give her a sheepish smile of my own. “Sorry. Just a sec.”
    “No big deal.” She turns to Ethan. “Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving.”
    They take off without giving me another glance and I read what Benedict’s sent me: “ I don’t believe I’ve shocked you into silence. Are you okay? Do you need CPR? I’d love to put my mouth on you. ” followed by, “ Are you at the cafe? I don’t see you. ”
    Sucking in a breath, I give a quick glance around. Unable to locate him, I respond with, “ I’m here. We’re in a booth today in the back part. Ethan invited Destiny so she could meet me. ”
    A hand lands on my shoulder as I hit send and I jump, Benedict’s laughter instant. “Scoot over.”
    Sliding in next to me, my phones barely clattered to the tabletop before he’s got one arm around my waist, and his mouth on mine. His free hand roams, our tongues dancing as I try to orient myself to his sudden assault on my senses, moaning a little as he skims a hand down the front of my body. I’m exceptionally glad we’re out of sight of everybody else when he slips his hand underneath the hem of my skirt, which is knee length and more tight than loose, gliding the hand up my bare leg to the top.
    As he moves between my legs, he pulls his lips away enough to whisper, “You’ve got about two minutes before they return to the table. Unless you want my hand to stay between your legs once they’re here, you better come. And fast.”
    “I can’t—”
    He swallows my objection with his mouth, slipping two fingers inside me while using his thumb to tease my clit. I’ve never done anything in public, and so my nervousness at getting caught or someone hearing me wars with the desire furling through me at his expert touch. Inside me, he caresses my g-spot while on the outside his thumb goes around and around my clit, before passing over it in a series of quick touches, causing a shock of pleasure to shoot through me every time. When he speeds up, I know I’m going to come around his hand, and it’s going to be the quickest orgasm I’ve ever had, and I can’t do anything to stop it.
    But I think even if I could, I wouldn’t, because this is so hot and it’s the thought of him desiring me so much he’d do such a thing in public where we could be caught is what sends me over the edge. My small cry is lost in his mouth as my body tightens, my pussy clenching down on his hand, while the arm around my waist holds me firm in his grasp.
    He embraces me for only a few moments before removing his hand. Releasing my mouth,

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