Hurt Me

Hurt Me by Glenna Marie Read Free Book Online

Book: Hurt Me by Glenna Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Glenna Marie
then he would hear my voice mail. Crap! I guess there was no turning back now. “It’s Evangeline.” I couldn’t say anymore, my heart wouldn’t stop racing and I couldn’t catch my breath.
    “Is everything okay?” he sounded worried. I nodded my head up and down like he could see me.
    “Evangeline are you okay?” he asked again. God this was becoming embarrassing. I finally choked some words out. “Uh, yeah, I’m um fine, I was just, um.” I quit trying to speak and took a deep breath praying he would catch on.
    “You were what?” I could hear the smile forming in the way he spoke. He was teasing me now. He was going to make me say it.
    “I uh, was wondering if you um, still wanted” I took another deep breath “Metogowithyou?” the rest of my question raced out of my mouth. I swear I had no control over my mouth anymore.
    “Well…” He hesitated and my heart felt like it went into my butt. No lie. I was so embarrassed. You would think I’ve never spoken to him before. I was about to hang up when I heard his laughter. “Why are you laughing?” I demanded at him feeling hurt.
    “You’re too cute.” I could hear the happiness in his voice. “Start packing I’ll be there in about an hour.”
    “I thought we weren’t leaving until tomorrow.” I said becoming nervous all over again. What the hell was I thinking? I’ve never been alone with another man besides Lee in my whole life! The logical part of my mind was telling me to just tell him forget it and hang up. But this fuzzy excited part of me was fogging that part of my mind up.
    “Yeah but I wanna see you now. Is he there?”
    “Um no but…” I had no but. I wanted him to come I was just scared.
    “Okay then I’m on my way start packing.” And before I could protest he hung up. I went into the bedroom and grabbed a duffle bag from the closet. It smelt like stale cigarette smoke, probably from when Lee took it on a gambling trip. I pulled out my best jeans and shirts. I put my work uniform in so I can where it home. My hands were shaking so bad I could barely fold my clothes. I grabbed underwear and socks. I then grabbed some shorts and old t-shirts to sleep in. Then it hit me, I was going to be sleeping under the same roof as him. What if he expected me to sleep in the same bed with him? No way was I going to do that, but part of me became excited at the thought of lying next to him. I put on some nice clean jeans my tennis shoes and an old baseball style shirt. I put my long hair in a ponytail and then heard the crunching of dirt under tires at the front of the drive. I couldn’t move. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my throat. I heard the truck turn off but I still couldn’t move. I didn’t want Allen to see the inside of my home. I heard him knocking on the door. “JUST A MINUTE!” I yelled. I quickly took the bottom drawer of the dresser out grabbed two-hundred dollars from my stash, put the drawer back, and headed for the door.
       My heart stopped when I saw him. He was so gorgeous, His t- shirt tight on his chest and arms. He was wearing blue jeans that set low on his hips. His hand rested on the door frame allowing skin to show above his pants. You could see the band from his briefs and the nice tanned “V” poking out from under his shirt.
    “You like what you see?” he asked me while wiggling his eyebrows.
    I laughed awkwardly and opened the door and maneuvering it shut to where he couldn’t see inside. This was a bad idea because he still had his hand on the door frame and now I was trapped entirely too close to this man. He smelled so good, rugged and sweet at the same time. He looked down at me and with his other hand he lifted my chin up to where I was looking directly into those beautiful eyes. He gave me a breath taking smile and I felt like my knees would give out. I leaned back on my front door for balance. He then wrapped me up in a hug that completely struck me off guard. One of his hands

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