Hybrid: Project Vigil

Hybrid: Project Vigil by Samuel Bohovic Read Free Book Online

Book: Hybrid: Project Vigil by Samuel Bohovic Read Free Book Online
Authors: Samuel Bohovic
waved them to go.
    Before they entered hallway leading to exit they had to step over dozens of bodies of dead men.
    After they were far enough from intersection Gillian asked.
    “What happened in data store room?”
    “James.” John sighed. “I had to take him out.”
    “I'm sorry about that.” She said.
    “No need for that, he planned that attack.”
    She stayed quiet for a while.
    “I think he died like the guard who hit me in front of you.” She said.
    That answer silenced her.
    They found facility entrance wide open. Outside John could see tents, cars, people but no soldiers. Young woman approached them. They aimed their weapons at her. She raised her hands.
    “Chill out people. Nobody's gonna hurt you. Now put those guns down it makes me nervous.” John lowered his gun. She looked more confident now.
    “That's it. I know you guys are not going to trust us. Don't worry, what that guy from Pentagon told you is truth project is over. Scientific staff was evacuated through back entrance. You...”
    “I take it from here Jennifer. Go help Thomas with computers.” Caroline pushed her aside.
    Jennifer jumped from surprise of hearing her superior.
    “Of course Doctor Blackburn.” And she ran away heading for closest tent.
    John spoke through radio to hybrids still inside.
    “It's clear, you can come out now.”
    After few minutes they came out. They shoot each other's hands, high-fived and everyone said the same thing to John: “You did it. Thanks.”
    Only Gillian avoided him.
    Caroline waited for them to finish their celebration before she led him to one of smaller tents. There was a bed, table, chair, wardrobe, bucket, towel and three metal army crates.
    “This will be your home for next day or two until we arrange necessary stuff. You are free to move around camp and area of base. Shower is just around corner and Gillian has tent right next to yours. It's lunchtime so take your armor off and head to the canteen. Soon someone will explain who will take you to live with them.”
    John nodded and she left him alone.
    “Claire, what do you think about this?” He asked.
    “Sounds like you are free. You'll live better life. I can't wait to see how world looks like.” Claire shared her opinion with John.
    John took off armor and put it into the biggest of three crates. Then he went to canteen to eat lunch. He couldn't find Gillian anywhere so he just walked around campsite. Soon Sanders walked up beside him.
    “I was told to find you and tell you who is taking you.” He said.
    “ So?” John asked.
    “You are going with Caroline. She'll take care of you, in fact she forced Hudson to assign you to her.”
    John had one question for him.
    “Who takes Gillian?”
    “She's going with me.” Sanders walked away after answering John's question.
    John felt good about it, he knew that Sanders is a good man.
    According to his watch it was time for dinner. He already searched entire camp for Gillian so he hoped to see her there. But she wasn't there. He went to his tent to clean armor from blood. When he entered he noticed small paper on his table. It was Gillian's writing:
    Meet me near western end of camp today at 08:00 pm
    bring blanket, I don't plan to spend night in the camp.
    It was 7:36. John abandoned his plan to clean armor instead he grabbed pair of warm socks from wardrobe and blanket from his bed. Before he set off Caroline visited him for few minutes.
    “Can I borrow Claire for tonight? We have something she can help us with.”
    John carried Claire all the time with him. Now he pulled her chip out of arm slot.
    “Do you want to go?” He asked her.
    “If I can help I'll go.” Her hologram smiled “And besides I think you and Gillian want some privacy.” She added so quietly that only John could hear it.
    John gave chip to Caroline. “Handle with care. Like if you held a baby.”
    “Don't worry.” Caroline said giving him

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