Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online

Book: Hyde and Seek by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Science-Fiction, Romance, Space Opera, shapeshifter
and philosophers across the known universe. I cannot prove my theory about Resicor, but I do agree that it holds with the logic.”
    Relay leaned forward. “My world has just begun to do the same. Talents are beginning to pop up, and they are being removed from the population before anyone at home can realize what is going on.”
    “You are a Terran.”
    With a conspiratorial grin, Amly moved forward as if to impart a secret from the depths of her soul.
    Relay mimicked her move.
    “They have coffee at Citadel Morganti.”
    Relay leaned back and burst out laughing. It broke the tension and stopped the questioning. Amly had an appointment with the doctor to work through, and then, it was on to etiquette class.

Chapter Eight
    Effin was relieved when she agreed to the monitor implants. Fixer was called and Keezik acted as assistant, handing the two specialists their equipment when requested.
    The procedure was painless, and after two hours, it was over. Her Masuo had sealed and exposed the areas in turn until it was over. Once the procedure had been completed, Fixer showed her how to do a download and link it to the com systems of most ships.
    It was funny to be instructed by Fixer with how to use her tech while she gnawed on high-calorie foods.
    To Amly’s amusement, Fixer had called her grandmother and postponed the meeting. If Equilar wanted to instruct Amly today, she would have to come to the base.
    After she had made sure that the implants didn’t impede her shifting, she thought she was done. Fixer and Keezik shook their heads.
    Out in the workshop, Fixer kept eating while an array of Guardsmen came in and introduced themselves one by one. She was expected to shift into each one of their forms and mimic their mannerisms.
    It was going well until she met Beast. The moment her overworked system touched the Drai, she copied his body and had to run for the open door of the hangar.
    To everyone’s shock, she shifted from the winged bipedal form into a huge beast over sixty feet long.
    Amly stood still and waited for her heart to calm, but her instincts were calling her to flight.
    Don’t try it. It takes a set of skills that you don’t have.
    She snorted and took a few running steps before opening her wings and scooping the air. Flight came to her easily; all Beast’s instincts for the air were working with her.
    A small, bright human came and flew beside her, keeping up with her while she rolled and climbed through the air.
    She heard a warning cried through a com system and exhaustion shut her down.
    She fell through the sky with her wings collapsing around her and her body reverting to its small, pale form.
    The woman caught her and carried her back to the hangar.
    Effin put an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose while Fixer monitored her vital signs.
    Amly looked at the crowd of concerned faces, including Fury and Beast. She hadn’t stolen his body, she had copied it, and she hoped they knew the difference.
    “Keep breathing, Amly. Did you have breakfast?” Fixer scowled at the readings.
    Amly shook her head.
    Effin slapped a hand over his features and Relay rubbed her head.
    A series of injections were dumped into her system, and when she felt well enough to sit up, Fixer contributed part of her recovery meal.
    Her blood sugar returned to normal and her heart beat a steadier pace.
    Beast bowed his head and clasped her hand. “I have never seen a shifter do that before. You have incredible power.”
    She inclined her head. “Thank you. So do you. That tail kept throwing me to one side.”
    He chuckled. “You get used to it.”
    She was introduced to the woman who had scooped her out of the air. “Call me Carella.”
    “Hello, Carella. Thank you for catching me.”
    “That responsibility belongs to Fixer. She screamed for me to come running, so to speak. Apparently, your vitals were all over the place.”
    “That is what it felt like. First, there was a surge of recognition,

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